The Divergent Book Series

I find it very difficult to read on a regular basis, mainly because with a full-time job and blogging as my main hobby, I find that I don’t have much time for it. However, every time I travel (and it will be quite often in the coming weeks) I find that I have quite a bit of time to pass. This is my main opportunity to divulge in books. On my most recent trips, I started reading the Divergent series. I finished the first and second books a few weeks ago, and was working my way through the third today.

I have to admit, the first one (Divergent) was my favorite because there was much less conflict and things were still “easy”, if you could even call them that. As I moved through the series, the struggle became real and a bit daunting. Basically the way I feel after watching a Game of Thrones episode is the way I felt after reading every chapter of Insurgent and Allegiant. As I turned the pages, I was immersed in the story and felt so many different emotions. It was as if the sadness and happiness was my very own. This is one of the main reasons I’ve always loved to read. When an author can captivate you in a way that the emotions and occurrences of the characters get you all riled up, it is truly a beautiful thing.

I was having a hard time trying not to cry on the plane today when reading the final pages of the series. The ending is crap! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I would never recommend the book series knowing that ending. The books really drew out a lot of emotion and got me thinking about life, and how fragile it is. Overall a fantastic book series but seriously, if I had any idea it ended the way it did I don’t think I would have purchased the set from iTunes a few weeks ago (it is a great deal- all three for $15!)

I suppose that is the beauty with novels and books. You never know what you’re in for, but if the author gets you hooked in the beginning you’re a total sucker and will read the rest of the series!

Have you read the series? Which book is your favorite?