The End of PR?

This is a capture of my phone from behind my shoulder, and I am scrolling through my own Instagram feed.

The End of PR?

December 3, 2018

It seems like PR (stands for public relations) has been on the tip of everyone's tongue lately. Especially in the blogging industry. Samantha, a prominent beauty YouTuber from Canada, recently did a video where she explained why she would be removing herself from all PR lists. I have a lot of thoughts on this particular topic because not only has it been asked of me, but I of course have an opinion. Because, let's be honest. It's me. I always have an opinion. So let's dive into it.

PR is not going anywhere.

First and foremost, having a few bloggers proclaim they are not going to receive PR does not mean PR packages will cease to exist. To be quite frank, PR packages are one of the only ways brands can get their products into the right hands. Every package I've ever received is sent with the hope I will share on social media, and sure enough many influencers do this exact thing to show the latest and greatest products in any particular category. If you're a beauty influencer, you want to show the latest Too Faced collection and of course the new Urban Decay palette, which is the entire goal of the package. 

Waste will be addressed.

One of the biggest complaints from everyone thus far is waste. The PR packages I receive are ridiculously wasteful. Boxes coming inside of boxes, which is also inside a box. By the time I've opened all 3 boxes, I don't even want the product because I'm so annoyed with the fact that I just opened 3 boxes to get to this tiny little product. It's almost one of those illusions and you think you're never going to get to the item you're attempting to unwrap. Obnoxious if you ask me. Not to mention those frilly decorations inside boxes that get everywhere. I don't even know what they're called, but they are as as bad as glitter. Once you open the box, the decor gets everywhere and it's almost impossible to get rid of.  

The worst part? The physical waste of all these boxes. I have to break them down, and I stick them in my car in the most orderly fashion I can. At the moment, I have no real long-term solution for recycling because our home doesn't have a recycling dumpster. I also refuse to throw the boxes in the regular trash. I could if I was lazy, but I know that recycling needs to happen, so I fill my car with trash and hope to find a recycling bin throughout the week either at my doctor's office, the dentist, or where ever else I go for errands. It's a legitimate hassle for me, and quite annoying, but it's worth it to give back to you.

The Element of Surprise

Finally, I think a lot of the allure with PR is that you don't know what's coming. A lot of times we get a box that we cannot even share for a couple more days. This is so much fun and there's a surprise element to it. Because every box I open is part of my job, I also want to be surprised because again the PR package is meant to sway me to be so excited that I post about the release. It would be super lame to me to pick everything that was coming in the mail and know exactly what it was, because that would not only take more time from me (that I certainly do not have) but it would also kill that giddy feeling when you don't know what the brand has sent you. 

I do giveaways.

& by use I do not mean I physically use every single product. What do I do with all of this product? I use this incredible opportunity to do giveaways to give back to you, the people who got me to the point where I would ever receive such insane packages. One thing that really makes me mad is that influencers who get boxes on boxes are giving away just to their family and friends or just storing it for months in their cabinets. Makeup has an expiration. If you're not going to use it in the next few weeks, give it to someone who will. This is why I am constantly cleaning my filming room and going through products. I separate everything into what my friends would like, what is going to be a giveaway item and then what is going to be donated to the shelter. There are scales of measurement that I do to ensure I spread the love across the board. Why not give back when you have the ability to do so very easily? this brings me to another point. There are some people in the industry who are too prideful to do giveaways and honestly, that's disgusting to me. I don't care who you are. Celebrity, influencer, public figure, whatever. You give back to the audience that got you where you are today, and the perfect way is to give PR samples. I give complete collections because if I get the entire lipstick collection from Too Faced, I can only use one or two lipsticks. Why would I waste 20 lipsticks for myself when I can share with others? This is honestly the best way to handle the product overload, and I love gifting it to someone who will appreciate it. 

Smaller and less packages.

I do believe with all the recently negativity about PR, brands will realize they shouldn't send 50 shades of foundation to one person (you can keep me on the list for all 50 so I can give them away!) In all honesty though, it would cut a lot of cost for the brand and then of course a lot of waste on my end if I only receive 3 shades that we thought were closest to me. This could backfire due to the fact that it's near impossible to know exact shades without having to try the particular foundation (same goes for beauty products in general) but it would certainly cut down the size of the package. I also believe that brands will cut down their PR lists too. So many people want to be on those PR lists because this cuts down the cost of having to purchase these items yourself. I don't remember the last time I paid for a skincare product. I buy different makeup items from time to time, because I am not on all the PR lists but when it comes to skincare, I need nothing I don't have in my cabinets from the amazing PR packages I receive.

This is a capture of my phone from behind my shoulder, and I am scrolling through my own Instagram feed.

What're your thoughts on PR? Have you heard a lot about the topic recently?

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I love how you do product giveaways, Ada! I remember you mentioned that when we were on a panel together and I found it incredibly thoughtful of you to do that for your audience. I also agree how much better it is to be surprised since that increases the anticipation for the package!!

P.S.: That embroidered skirt is one of my favorites that you own. 😍

Great blog ada!!! I loved every point you made, and agree that a lot of influesters are doing what you say just giving to their families and not back to their followers or just hoarding it is sad, but it’s very true.. also lol I agree you have an opinion on everything but you should that’s what separates you from anyone else and makes you special! It wouldn’t be ada if there didn’t come an opinion .. I loved the read and agree on the waste and the feeling of getting something fun you don’t know about and getting to open it.. thank you for the blog your always so fun and witty xoxox randi

Oh my! I hadn’t considered all of this while enjoying my YouTube videos. The waste, physical waste, is a rather disturbing thought. What if not everyone was conscientious about the recycling like you are. Since I am a relationship coach I don’t have the opportunity to be on a PR list; however, if I was I think I too would feel this way.

I absolutely love this blog post Ada! Whenever I do get PR products which as of now it isn’t much but I do notice that they over pack the products and it’s wasteful like you said. Also, I’ve seen some YouTubers that get every shade of foundation when they will only need one. But that’s when giveaways come in handy like you mentioned !

I do enjoy receiving PR packages but I also agree that they can be very wasteful. I’m all about giving back to my audience by doing giveaways with some of my PR packages. Especially if I already love and use a product, I love being able to give that back to my readers.

xo, Laura