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The Formula X Nail System

When someone mentioned a “nail system” to me, I was a bit skeptical mainly because I don’t necessarily believe in these formulas. I’ve gotten top coats and base coats and they seem to deter me from having nice nails, but I’ve fallen in love with the Formula X nail polish formula and thought I would give this system a try. 

The way it works is that you purchase the three parts of the system, and then pick one of the Formula X shades for free to complete the collection.

This is the nail cleaner, and the very first step in the system. You want to clean your nails with this formula so no bubbles appear after the many coats you will be adding. 

Next is the base coat, which as the name suggests, will be the base layer of the nail polish. This is like a “foundation” for your polish.

The next step would be to apply one to two coats of the nail polish color of your choice. Make sure to wait a few minutes between coats so the formulas have a chance to dry. If you apply polish and additional coats without letting the previous ones dry, the chance of bubbles in your finished nails increases significantly.

The last step is to apply the top coat; this is a very important step because it brings everything together and ensures you will have long-lasting nails. 

Want to know how long this keeps your nails in tact? Of course you do because you’re a beauty fanatic too and want to show off beautiful, colorful nails. Welll…minimum of five days and up to eight days (for me.) If you wash dishes five times a day, I can’t guarantee your nail polish won’t chip faster but for me this is the average time period. All in all, Formula X has really figured it out!

Do you have this system or any Formula X nail polishes? More importantly, do you have any questions about nail polish application or the process?

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