The Guide to Dibs Beauty by Courtney Shields

Showcasing a flatlay featuring some goodies from DIBS Beauty

The Guide to Dibs Beauty by Courtney Shields

September 15, 2021


Last week during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) I attended an event for Dibs Beauty, which stands for Desert Island Beauty Status. The idea behind the brand is to make makeup simpler, more hydrating but also give you that bronzed goddess glow. That same glow you get on a beauty island vacation. The co-founder of the brand, Courtney Shields, is a long time influencer and beauty maven. She had an instant connection when mutual business colleagues connected her to Jeff Lee, who is well known in the beauty space for making incredible formulations. His resume is long and very impressive including being a business operator, attorney, MBA and digital expert who has built and overseen leading brands across beauty, entertainment, sports and media in the U.S., China and Europe. This duo between influencer and someone who can handle the behind the scenes and build a business seems to be a match made in heaven. 

During the event in New York City, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dani Lefland, VP of Strategy and Operations for Courtney Shields Enterprises, as well as Audrey Messer, Director of Branding & Social for Courtney Shields Enterprises. They were both V excited for this brand launch in particular, and they mentioned this has been in the works for over a year. The connection Courtney and Jeff had upon meeting seemed to be perfect timing and their personalities and goals synced up. When it comes to building a brand, it is so much more than just collaboration with an existing brand. However Courtney also has had a lot of practice with launch days, co-creating something unique with brands in the past and bringing it to life for her audience so this is definitely not her first rodeo. There is a full team in place here, and it's not just Courtney's brand. Sure she's the face, but there are a lot of incredible minds that have come together to bring this to life. 

This is detailed color line-up of the DIBS Beauty blush and bronzer duos.

The Line-up


  1. Comes in 6 color combos
  2. $32 price point for blush and bronzer
  3. Cream based
  4. Leaping bunny approved
  5. Vegan
  6. Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, and many more.
  7. Mixes well with all the shades with the idea being you use these all over the face and mix and match the various duos
  8. Mango Seed Butter makes the formulation super hydrating and gives a beautiful glow
  9. Sodium Hyaluronate acts as hyaluronic acid and holds 1000 times its weight in water
  10. The antioxidant blend works to interrupt environmental oxidation
  11. Made to be inclusive of a wide variety of skin tones (this was really important to CS)

Shade Breakdown

  1. Out of Office/Vacay Vibes
  2. You Do You/Mood Boost
  3. Full Deets/Spill the Tea
  4. Not So Basic/Iced Chai
  5. Ride or Die/Wing Woman
  6. Plot Twist/Level Up
This is a photo of the Status Stick swatches from DIBS Beauty

Status Stick ALL-OVER GLOW

  1. Comes in 3 shades
  2. $32 price point 
  3. Cream based
  4. Leaping bunny approved
  5. Vegan
  6. Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, and many more.
  7. Mixes well with all the shades with the idea being you use these all over the face and mix and match
  8. Can be used all over the body (not just the face) and their team was using it all over their arms and legs
  9. Beautiful vanilla scent to it and come to find vanilla is an aphrodisiac which we love
  10. Comes with Mango Seed Butter again which makes the formula super hydrating
  11. Skin Boosting Blend includes Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Jojoba Oil which really makes this formulation not tug or pull at the skin as you apply; it's a very seamless luscious formulation
This is a photo of Adaleta Avdic's arm showcasing swatches of the DIBS Beauty Blush/Bronzer Duo

Is it Worth the Price?

Getting a bronzer and blush for $32 is a great value. Same goes for the status stick because it can be used on the face but also all over the body.

How do I Apply?

My biggest tip there is if you use all over the body, make sure you're freshly showered and clean because you don't want to use the stick on sweaty skin and then later apply it to the face (those breakouts don't play!) You can apply directly to clean skin, use clean fingers or even apply with a brush. It's all up to you and how you prefer to do your makeup. 

Is it clean?

Clean means something different to everyone in the US (I mean it's true) but after reviewing the ingredients and reading their certifications, they can be considered clean. Especially if we are comparing to other popular beauty brands that have parabens, fragrance, alcohol, and other unnecessary ingredients. 

Do you have swatches and video?

In addition to the swatches in this post, down below I embedded my TikTok video which includes video of the swatches, so you can see the unfiltered look at all the colors in video format too. 

What other questions do you have as it relates to the brand launch? I'll update the Q&A section and provide any more details that could be helpful in terms of making a decision to snag either the Blush/Bronzer duo or the Status Stick. 

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What're your favorite colors based on the swatches above?

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