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The Haunted Hotel

I found myself in Lexington, and this time I was stationed in a haunted hotel. I kid you not. Google it, search it, find it online and read about the Gratz Park Inn. It is unmistakably haunted.

Welcome to the Gratz. Shall I escort you in?

Pretty isn’t it? 

As you walk inside, you are greeted by the friendly staff.

The front desk attendant was very candid with us and told us that he has never personally experienced any sort of paranormal activity, BUT he has heard quite a few varying stories. People claimed to have seen a little girl playing jacks in the hallways; the sensation that someone is sitting on the edge of their bed at night; noises coming from the fourth floor (which is non-existent) or noises coming from empty rooms; drunken men singing and dancing in the hallways that you cannot quite catch up to no matter how quickly you walk or run; lights flickering on and off…and so forth. 

This building (story told by the front desk attendant) was a clinic that kept bodies until they were ready to be sent to the morgue. Spooky huh? This building is also claimed to have been built in the 1830s. Lexington believes it to be a historic asset to the city (can you blame them?) so the building is still in use as a bed and breakfast. It is a nice old-school property that takes you back and definitely gives you the feeling that you’re experiencing something revolutionary, historic, and enriching. 

It’s gorgeous from the inside and out; as soon as you walk into the hotel, it feels like you’ve walked into a time portal and gone back quite a few years. The hallways set a spooky aura with the low lighting. The entire building smells of antique and well-used furniture- not a  bad thing- but definitely a different experience. Some may say “the experience of a lifetime” because staying in a haunted hotel is an attraction and not a common occurrence. 

Can you see the ghosts in the mirror? Juuust kidding…ghosts don’t show up in unexposed photographs (just call me a Ghost Buster!)

///Forever 21 shirt/// Forever 21 jeans//Coach hoop earrings (purchased a few years ago)///

Wild Pair sandals (purchased a few seasons ago in a Los Angeles boutique store) 

After we dropped off our things, we needed some food. We ventured down the street to see what looked interesting and would suffice our palettes. M & I have a thing for casual bar experiences when we first arrive in destinations. It’s comforting to go to the local bar and grill because you can get a true sense of the overall vibe of the city because you are chatting with some of the most honest and real people in the city itself. 

Along the way, we ran into some wall art. And you know how much I have gotten into wall art recently because I love to recognize the incredible talents of artists.

After seeing a few restaurants, we decided to pop into Cheapside Bar & Grill.

It was bright and cheerful on the outside.

Relaxed and calming on the inside. We had a great time chatting with the bartenders (talking about the spookiness of ghosts and other paranormal activity) while sipping on martinis and enjoying a few bites of food. It was Martini Monday after all- who can say no to that?

Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel? Would you ever stay in one?