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The Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

December 8, 2017

My Favorite Things

When it comes to a gift guide, I only want to recommend the items I genuinely love. Things I've rocked this year. I'm not here to tell you what to get your husband, boyfriend or dad...because honestly I am awful at getting them anything. I got Aaron an iWatch during the Black Friday sales just because since we no longer get each other Christmas gifts. We prefer just because gifts, which I am totally on board with. However, with the girls, family and coworkers, I do have to grab a few gifts. When it comes to buying for them, I only grab them things I know are tested and loved by me. That's my favorite gift to give to people I love.

One of the best things when giving gifts is killing two birds with one stone. How you do this is buy gifts that benefit different causes, charities and so forth. This winter I'm thrilled to share the Amazon RED collection. 100% of the money that RED generates goes to fighting AIDS in Africa. Not to mention everything they are selling is so cool. These red Beats by Dre are RED, and I've been rocking them like it's nobody's business. Finally bluetooth headphones so the long annoying cord does not get caught on my purse, backpack or any other part of my outfit. This is exciting stuff people!

Gifts for Holiday 2017

This is a paid for blog mention for Erborian, but all opinions remains honest and my own.

Light coverage. Redness coverage. Matte coverage. Basically all the kinds of coverage I like, can be found in one single product. The Erborian BB Creme

It helps with uneven skin tone, and dullness. Two things I struggle with a lot during the cooler months of the year. This creamy texture blends into the skin beautifully as a mattifying primer OR as the main base for your skin.  

K Beauty was one of my favorite finds in 2017 because the idea behind enhancing natural beauty is awesome. I want to stay away from covering my skin with a pound of makeup, and more so just adding a touch of it to make my skin look even better.

Everyone on your list needs this. Everyone.



This is a paid for blog mention of 7 Charming Sisters. One of the other brands I've loved all year is 7 Charming Sisters. Some of the cutest bracelets and necklaces that I've rocked this year have come from their site. The jewelry is as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and I love the versatility. Not to mention the incredible price tag on all of their gorgeous pieces.

Their holiday shop has so many options that are perfect for the month of December. Whether that's holiday gatherings, New Years Eve or further into the cooler months of the year. There's pieces for every single person on your list!


If you're looking to give a gift that gives back to a cause, I highly recommend anything from the RED collection on Amazon. 100% of the money (RED) raises goes directly to work on the ground fighting AIDS, which is amazing. There's no monetary split, all the $ go to fighting AIDS. 

This MCM tech clutch is so incredibly cute. I almost bought a bag and wallet from MCM while I was on the east coast, but so glad I waited because this beautiful wallet and pouch made its way into my life. It is so incredibly classy and a gorgeous gift with the perfect spacing for an iPhone 7+, 8+ or 10x. Whatever device you have, it'll fit in this clutch which is fabulous so you don't have to compromise on size. In addition, the pattern is so gorgeous and it's luxurious. One of the coolest international brands in the fashion world right now!

Fashion Favorites Within Holiday Gift Guide 2017


When it comes to cute attire, you know I'm all over that. I may not be the most fashionable person around, but I do my best to grab some cute clothes from time to time. When I saw the Happiest Tee, I just knew I had to have one. Sadly, they didn't have one for Arizona, Tucson OR Phoenix so I went with the next closest to my heart. Los Angeles of course, aka where I grew up and where my parents, brother & a few friends still are.

Something about this gorgeous gray sweater, with the white writing, really speaks holiday to me. Subtle for sure, but nonetheless, it's got those holiday vibes.  Make sure to check out Happiest Tee, as this is a super cute gift for anyone under the tree and especially if their city is listed.

Holiday Gift Guide Beauty Favorites

As you know, beauty and makeup are my "forte" and I absolutely love giving my favorite products to my favorite people. It's a true testament to any product, when it ends up in my family's stocking or in my friends' hands. I don't like to gift products I don't genuinely love when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and so forth. If you've been around my blog and Instagram for the last few months, you have seen each and every single one of these products because I cannot stop raving about them!


Skincare is one of my favorite things because I truly love getting my skin into a better healthier state. Over the past few months, I introduced dermaplaning into my life. It was a huge game-changer so now I want to gift blades to every single person who cares about skincare. They are a bit pricey so they're definitely a nice gift, not to wasted on someone who does not understand the importance of dermaplaning. My mother in law and mother would absolutely love these, but I think those who get any facials or spa treatments would absolutely appreciate how incredible this tool is especially after they use it once. It's not scary to put the blade to your skin to reveal that gorgeous smooth skin underneath. 

The HA hydrating serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine as you need something hydrating to dig into the skin AFTER dermaplaning. Honestly, this is best serum I've found for calming the skin. No matter how red, irritated, dry it may be, the serum helps tremendously when it comes down to getting it back to a healthier state. After dermaplaning, your pores are more open and will accept the seurm into the skin much more easily. This is why something this hydrating is key after the dermaplaning treatment, and it will sink deep into the skin so it's the perfect time to use a serum that is high quality and genuinely going to get the skin hydrated.


If you know anything about me, you know that I love good-smelling things. When I received a PR package from Elizabeth Arden, I was blown away at how subtle but incredible the White Tea perfume smelled.  Everyone around me noticed I was wearing something different, and started asking me what the perfume was. I absolutely love the smell of it.

Something I always noticed about Westin hotels was that it had a faint smell of white tea. Low and behold, their lotions and a few other skincare goodies had white tea in them. This is where the obsession first started many years ago. I cannot express how good this perfume is, and it's super subtle and not overpowering at all. It works for all age groups, and heck, even a guy can rock this as it's gender neutral (in my personal opinion!)


Finally when it comes to the beauty goodies, I've been using a lot of Essence makeup this year. The one palette that has really shined above all the others is the Bronze eyeshadow palette. This is not only the perfect color range for me, but the pigmentation is amazing. Shimmery, golden shades are my ride or dies so I have to give a big ole shout-out to this one. Not to mention it's super affordable so every beauty lover on your list can get this in their stocking!

Gifts on Shelves for Holiday Gift Guide 2017

My final recommendation for a loved one this season is to snag them an ugly sweater. Or as this season seems to show, the not so ugly sweater! If you live somewhere cold (east coast I'm looking at you!! brrrr) you may want to consider buying your family members some jackets or coats.

& if you're really out of ideas, maybe these gift options will help you out!

Have you gotten most of your gift shopping done already? I am sooo behind!

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I am the kind of crazy who has by Christmas shopping done by Halloween! I am already started on next year birthdays, I am going to use this guide for sure!

I am still on the lookout for some holiday gifts to give over Christmas! Thanks for this, I get some new ideas. The clutch would be perfect for my sister.

The Happiest Tee is really cute! Too bad they didn’t have one for our city. Maybe I’ll just get the Happiest in Love instead. 🙂

These are great gift ideas. I usually resort to the ugly sweater idea because I just don’t have any great gift ideas. I think I can cheat a little bit with this list 😀.

I would love to receive any of these as a gift! This is a great list to share to give loved ones a big hint for holiday gift ideas. 🙂

I don’t wear make up frequently but I am all about skin care. I love your gift guide. I have found a few items that would be perfect for my three nieces in their 20s. I have always had difficulty finding gifts for those three!

I love your gift guide! I am nearly done with shopping, but I need a few stocking stuffers. That necklace is so pretty!

I haven’t heard of Eborian before, but it sounds like a great line of products. And I haven’t tried dermaplaning, but I have heard about it a lot lately. I would be interested to give that a try. All of these are great ideas!

I love that happiest tee! And any time I can buy gifts that I love and also give back to a good cause, it’s a major win.

This is such a wonderful guide! You have literally found something for everyone on my list here. Good thing I haven’t finished shopping yet!

You have so many great ideas on this list. I do still have a few gifts to purchase and I’ve gotten some great inspiration from this guide.

Beats by Dre has got to be one of the most popular headphones around. Nothing but great reviews that I’ve read. Erborian BB Creme would be a hit with my sister. This gift guide rocks!

I would love to find a MCM tech clutch under the tree this Christmas. This is a great Holiday guide. I will have to add it to my wish list.

LOVE all your gifts recommendations. Especially love those jewelry from 7 Charming Sisters. The bracelets are really pretty!!

These are great picks, I love the jewelry! I’ve heard great things about dermaplanning but I haven’t tried it yet!

I haven’t finished my shopping either. I don’t think I have had the time or the money, given some other expenditures that have come up. These do look like some good options though to think about for my daughter.

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