The Innside by Melia in New York City

Enjoying Breakfast in Bed and Laughing at The Innside by Melia in New York City.

The Innside by Melia in New York City

February 19, 2018

Photos were taken by Julia O Test.

Let's rewind to NYFW in September 2017. I stayed for only 4 nights and had a whirlwind of a stay. Everything was rushed, and I didn't really know what was going on half the time. Present day, NYFW February of 2018, I knew more of what to expect. I planned to stay for 8 days, 7 nights.

Arriving at The Innside by Melia was incredible. The check in process was quick, friendly and super painless. We've all had those incredibly painful experiences when checking in to a hotel. Am I right? Luckily this was not one of those experiences at all. It took me less than 5 minutes to check in, which was perfect given I had just traveled for 7 hours and had an event in an hour. 

When I arrived to my room, I got pretty excited to see a bottle of champagne and some macaroons waiting for me. It was something small, but meant a lot to me. It's those little gestures that make you remember a hotel, and the experience you had. Many hotels are fabulous, but when they go the extra mile, you really can't help but remember, appreciate and recommend.

Jumping On the Bed at The Innside by Melia in New York City.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the ridiculous shots of me before this cute photo was taken. I jumped on this bed about 50 times, and this was one of very few cute pictures! Turns out I'm not a natural when it comes to cute bed jumping photos.

When it comes to the bed, I was comfortable every single night. No complaints there. For some reason however, I could not get adjusted to the temperature. There was something so off with the temperature, even though it was set colder than it is back home in Arizona. 72 degrees made me sweat in the middle of the night, whereas 72 back home is cold for me because we usually keep the house at 75-79. I'm guessing due to the outdoor temperatures, the same temperature made me sweat a lot more.

Have you experienced this before?

The gadgets inside the room were simplistic, yet intuitive, and all you needed. The lamps were easy to turn on with a quick hand motion, and it was easy to navigate them throughout the day and night. I loved closing the blinds all the way to have complete darkness while I sleep. I also enjoyed opening the blinds each morning to get that fresh light and sunshine into the room. Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows are incredible. I had the deluxe king city view room, which gave me an incredible view of the city especially since the window is so big!

The mini bar had waters, orange juice and apple juice, which was replenished every single day. For a desert dweller like myself, I need as many water bottles as I can possibly get. I asked for extra waters, and the staff was so quick to go inside my room and replenish my supply. 

Eating Breakfast in Bed at The Innside by Melia in New York City.


We spent a lot of time in the hotel lobby/restaurant area because on nights we didn't want to go out, we took our laptops downstairs. Ordered some wine, fries (always fries) and an entree. This was our collaborative spot so all three of us (Julia - photographer, Tonya - blogger & bestie, and me!) could discuss the various photos we'd taken that day and what the next day's events held. Since our schedule was so crazy, it helped to talk it through so we knew who had to represent us at what meeting. It worked out well to have that pow wow.

Because we had photoshoots throughout the property (literally every corner was our backdrop) we had a chance to explore the conference rooms. One thing I can tell you is that these were the cutest conference rooms I've ever seen and there was a cool view from the windows in case you're someone (like me) who likes to daydream during conferences. The decorations inside were so fun and modern, with adorable pillows covered with funny quotes. The conference room looked like a dream living room, to be quite frank. We did a few photos in that room too to switch it up a bit!

Another element I loved about the room was the bathroom, and in particular, the shower. It was stocked with refreshing shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Knowing how picky I am with each of those, I was surprised to enjoy every single product because it moisturized my hair and body, while leaving me smelling fresh. What more can I ask for? 

All in all, this hotel was very comfortable. It was well located (next to FIT!) It was classy, simple and each room well equipped. The food was delicious, and the staff was extremely friendly. I would love to stay again, and I'd recommend anyone deciding where to stay in New York City, to stay here. 

This is a close up of Tonya and I wear robes at The Innside by Melia in New York City.

P.S. In case you don't know, the babe pictured with me in these shots is Tonya. She was going in on those croissants, but as soon as we got all the photos we needed, she ate them all. Okay, I may have had one croissant, so she may not have eaten them all 😉

Have you been to New York City? This is a great hotel option for your next trip!

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WOW! What a beautiful room! I haven’t stayed in NYC in a long time, but we go at least once a year. Maybe we will stay next time!

This sounds like a wonderful place to stay. I haven’t been to NYC in a long time but would love to stay here. The pictures were all great, and that was one great “jump on the bed” photo, just perfect. Thank you for your review of this wonderful stay.

Y’all look to cute at the hotel. I’t great to have these kinda review about hotels. I’ve made some regrettable decisions in the past about Hotels, so it good to get some insider knowledge.

the hotel looks and sounds amazing!! i have been in NYC but not in such a luxurious hotel, i wish i could go back. looks like you had an amazing time

I have never been to New York as an adult. We went to the Falls when I was 12 but I don’t remember any of it. This hotel looks super comfy. And the croissants look tasty 🙂

I love New York and this hotel looks rustic chic! Random but I love your pictures, what do you use to edit them?

This looks like a fabulous hotel. NY has plenty of cool hotels. The room looks so spacious and pretty and the food is incredible.

I am not sure if I will ever visit NYC but will definitely share with my friends who very often visit the city. Love your pictures, they are crisp and inviting. This hotel looks worth a try.

My daughter will be traveling to NYC in April. I will have to let her know about this hotel. She will be visiting her best friend who just gave birth to her first born. Thanks for the honest review of the place. It looks like a great place to stay!

Finding a good NYC hotel that won’t break the bank can be hard. This one looks amazing, though, especially with the free goodies!

This looks like a lovely hotel. Nothing super fancy but just what you need with a comfy looking bed. A 5 minute check in time is awesome.

I love the minimalist look of this hotel! Those robes look so plush and comfy and oh my I would have eaten all the croissants too! I have only been to NYC a few times – always on business and never got to enjoy just lounging in a lovely hotel! Oh and haha I love your cute jumping pic! Good job! Sometimes we do have to do something 50 times to get that one great shot but you nailed it!

I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never been to New York City, but hubby and I have talked about visiting this summer. This hotel looks soooo cozy and welcoming. It would be the first hotel I’d check out when I begin planning my trip!

Looks like you had such a great stay! I am visiting NyC again next month and definitely need to look up this hotel.

You two look super adorable at that hotel! We’re heading to NYC in a few months and I wish I had seen this post before we booked our hotel!

I love NYC and I visit there often. I never heard of this hotel but I will be looking for it on my next stay. It sounds fabulous .

This looks like an amazing place to stay! I’ve always wanted to do the cliche Christmas Eve in NYC, so I’ll have to keep this place in mind next year. Thanks for sharing!

Never been to NYC and I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to visit in the future. lol. We’re on the other side of the globe. I bet you had a nice stay!

The two of you are so cute and this hotel sounds amazing!! I travel to NY typically two times a year for NYFW but had to skip this Feb. which was so hard for me. I’ve stayed with family, friends or at a couple hotels depending on the season. I’ll definitely have to check out this hotel before I book for September!!

xo, Laura

This looks like a great hotel to stay at when you’re in NYC. I haven’t been in a while, but I remember it was tough to find just the right balance of great hotel and great location. Sounds like you guys had a nice time!

Awww…you guys had so much fun. And the hotel is fabulous. This is a great review. If ever I get the chance to go to New York City, I will take your advice and book my stay at the Innside by Melia. I’m a sucker for great customer service.

I love NYC and will have to stay at the Innside by Melia during one of my many visits. It’s looks like an ideal location for a photo shoot. You guys look like you are a great time.

I’ve never been to NYC, but I’ve always wanted to go and this looks like a super nice place to stay. And honestly, you had me at wine and fries! 🙂