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The Million Dollar Tan

Since we found out tanning beds and sun tanning were bad for us, companies around the world have perfected their tanning lotions and tanning products.



Because I’m a beauty fanatic, I have definitely tried my fair share of tanning lotions. The best way to apply a tanning lotion of any kind is by showering so you can exfoliate and shave before application. Million Dollar Tan has a nice tingly peppermint scrub to be used as the exfoliator. It preps the skin quite nicely and smooths everything down so the application is nice and effortless. After leaving the tan on for three and a half hours, I went to shower and I didn’t notice any of the color washing off. The tan definitely strengthened by the time I was out of the office. The Cabana Tan Extreme dark sunless tanning lotion is my absolute favorite tanning lotion that I’ve tried up to this point. I have to admit I was blown away by the overall quality of the tan.

I would chalk this tan to a few excellent qualities. The color payoff is fantastic, and I didn’t turn orange which is obviously a really important piece. Although my application was less than professional, it wasn’t blotchy or alarming in color contrast. It was really natural which is my jam. In terms of color longevity, this definitely hit the long-lasting mark. I was tan for at least a week so that was really nice. Some people like the smell of tanning lotion, and I have to admit I’m not the most keen on the scent but this didn’t smell bad. In fact it’s got a nice tropical scent. I do cut the time in half and only wear this for about three to four hours. This didn’t stain any of my clothes which is really nice and makes it so much more usable.

One of the huge benefits of MDT’s tanning lotion is its ingredients. The formula is comprised of aloe vera, jojoba oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and sesame oil. My skin felt moisturized after I completed the entire process and I am just so happy with the results.



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