The Most Annoying Things I’ve Seen on the Internet

This is a shot from over my shoulder, as I look down at my MVMT watch.

The Most Annoying Things I’ve Seen on the Internet

January 4, 2019


Let me start this off by saying I spend a lot of time online. It's my job to be online, and with all the browsing through social media, I see a lot of things. When it comes down to it, I may have a lot of pet peeves. Doesn't everyone? No? Just me?

There's no way at least two of these things haven't annoyed you in the last 6 months, so lets get into it.

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There are some bloggers and influencers who believe because they have X amount of followers, that their shit doesn't stink. Sorry boo, it does. 

This seriously infuriates me every single day, because there is one particular individual who has taken over people's hearts and she is an awful person. She has blackmailed photographers, spoken ill to PR agencies and acts like a witch in general. Trust me, multiple people have told me their encounters. To see other influencers supporting her and posting about her makes me physically ill knowing what she has done to other creators and very talented people. How can you blackmail someone in today's day and age you might ask? Well she preys on "up and coming" photographers, tells them to shoot her and then doesn't pay them. Tells them if they choose to say anything to anyone, she will ruin their career OR she sells them on the promise she will get them exposure. Give me a break.

Other girls think because they show up somewhere, they should be comped. I came to this restaurant and I wasn't treated like a queen. That's because you're like everyone else B, you're not special. Get your head out of your ass. 

Truthfully you can see this a mile away.

"Body Positivity"

There is body positivity and there's "body positivity." First off, if you know anything about me, I have been talking about accepting yourself and being happy with who you are for years. I hesitated for a while because I myself wasn't happy with my body, but that has all changed. I'm not a size 0, 2 or 4. On a really good day (and the perfect pair of jeans) I may be an 8, but usually it's a 9 or 10. I'm not ashamed of that. I just ran a freaking marathon, and now I'm doing short runs and focusing on barre to really get my core in check. I actually work out.

All of these "body positive" girls never work out, they're eating in n' out every chance they get and are pretending to be part of this fad, which is not what body positivity is. In my book, being body positive requires you to give a shit. Aka go to the gym, go for a run, do a little walk. It's not about posing for an Instagram photo in workout clothes and not actually breaking a sweat. Being proud of your body and working towards your best self is one thing, but promoting being unhealthy is not body positivity. So to hell with this fake body positivity, and fake individuals pretending to be something they are most certainly not because that is the fad at the moment. Everyone wants someone that support body positivity, but you need to actually be a good representation of it.

Photo Shadows

This has irked me SO MUCH because there's ginormous accounts (in terms of followers) who post a selfie and their phone and hand shadow is on their neck and face. Essentially the selfie is ruined by the shadow of their phone and hand on their actual face. For someone who has access to professional photography, but also can take a selfie without that shadow (I mean I've never taken a selfie with a shadow of my phone and hand in it; SO unacceptable) I don't understand how someone with millions of followers could put that kind of quality out into the universe. 

There's something about the lack of professionalism when your job is literally to post on social media, that really pisses me off. It's also like nails on a chalkboard. When you take a selfie, you AVOID the shadow of your arm on your face. Change the angle the photo is being taken from (le duh) but evidently that's not an option. Having that shadow is necessary. D'oh!

Subscription Products

If I see one more person trying to sell me Rodan & Fields, Lipsense or essential oils, I may lose my damn mind.  I understand it's a hustle, but when you get 10 of those messages in a day, it's just too much. I don't even think half those people believe in the products. They're just trying to make a buck, which I respect, but please stop soliciting me. 

"Does your skin feel dry?"

"Do you want to change your skin routine?"

"What's your current skin problem?"

NO. Leave me alone.

I say this in a joking way, and those who watch my Instagram stories absolutely know the type of tone I have here. If this seems offensive to you, lighten up boo

This is a close up of my arm candy, including an MVMT watch (code ADAATUDE will get you 15% off your purchase) and some bracelets.

GoFundMe Accounts

T will be so proud of me mentioning this one. Listen, I understand a gofundme for specific instances that are just so unfortunate (and I have funded them) but nowadays people are starting gofundmes for everything. 

I turned 30. Here's my gofundme.

I broke my foot. Gofundme.

What the hell is actually going on?

We are acting homeless ONLINE, by asking people for money on things we never in a million years would've done in person. Do we not have any pride? This boggles my mind.


Listen, we get it. You made 100k in a month. Why the hell are you sharing that online? First of all, if I was making that kind of money, I would not be telling anyone about it. With how crazy people are these days, you keep that shit to yourself.

Also, how tasteless to write a blog post telling the world you made that kind of money. Are you going to donate it to a charity? To a homeless person? Why are you telling us? Oh I know. Because people envy and want money. This world is all about money and you sharing with everyone the exact amount you made makes people want to know more about you, because who doesn't want to be rich. The whole marketing plot here is disgusting.

And then there's those people who just like to brag. I know so and so at this resort, and then I know the restaurant owner who is friends with my husband's brother. Nobody cares Susan, nobody cares. You look like a fool.

I'll admit, I feel bad for the Susans of the world because somehow Susan became the name that you use when you're speaking about a random third party. 

Fake News

There are so many products being sold out there. SO MANY. Some claim to make your hair grow back. You need these vitamins! Some claim to make your gut healthier. Others claim to elevate your mood. The list goes on and on. Listen, half of this is marketing bullshit so why not cut through the crap and only get the products you really need?

Do you really need that additional vitamin that will make your hair "healthy and strong"? Isn't your hair just fine? Have you ever even commented to anyone about your hair being unhealthy before? We are literally being thrown so many products we "think" we need, but it's marketing. Save your money darling, clothes are a better use of it anyway 😉

This is a full body shot of me in a teal dress from Express, with OTK boots and my pink Gucci bag.

So tell me, what's been annoying you online?