The Perfect Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift

The Perfect Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift

January 27, 2018

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by Shop LC.

If you haven't been here before, you don't know that I worked with Shop LC last year. I absolutely love the options, and in particular the jewelry. Everything is always such a great cost, making it easier to keep adding to the cart.

Shop LC is a home shopping network, but it comes with a bit of a twist. You know I love a good ole twist to the traditional ideas. All of the items are sold at lightning speed meaning if you see something, you absolutely have to act fast. A lot of the goodies are under $20 which makes it much easier to keep adding more and more to the cart.

This is a close up of me holding all the Shop LC blue boxes.

One of my favorite things about ShopLC is the options are endless. Whether it's beauty, fashion, jewelry or items for your home, they have a variety! I know this is a small detail, but I love these blue boxes that houses each of the jewelry pieces. Also, when it comes to Valentine's Day, is it worth it to spend $50 on roses and chocolate? You can get jewelry that is meaningful AND reasonably priced, which will be worn by the person receiving. I got several pieces for just $100, which is such a great deal. My shopping list below:

Charm Bracelet $8.49 This is such an adorable charm bracelet, and I can rock this with almost any outfit. The charms are space inspired, which makes it so playful.

Stud Earrings $7.49 You can typically never go wrong with a pair of stud earrings. There's something so classy about a small pair of earrings that brings so much attention to the face. I always feel a bit odd without all my earrings in, because it adds that extra little touch. Plus how cute are these with the smiley face!?

Lock Necklace $8.49 For someone who loves some loud jewelry, I'd recommend this beautiful lock necklace. Aaron (my fiance) even made a joke about holding the key to the lock. He thinks he's so funny. I think this would be a fun statement piece to add to a simple colored top.

Stud Earrings $7.99 If I didn't convince you about stud earrings already, these gorgeous floral stud earrings will definitely get you excited. These can be worn with every single outfit.

Platinum Earrings $20.99 While I'm normally not someone who has to wear loud earrings, I absolutely love this pair. They're so shiny, and add a serious pop to the face! Honestly, I was obsessed with how they looked. What do you think?

Solitaire Ring $19.99 This ring is a true cocktail ring, and definitely pops on the hand. I love the light lavender color because it's a subtle add-on with any outfit and it's so classy!

Subtotal = $83.94

Shipping Total = $17.94

= $101.88

6 gorgeous pieces for $100 is a great deal. If you want to spend $20 for a beautiful pair of earrings, you totally can. That's the beauty of ShopLC. You don't need to spend a fortune to get quality jewelry that will not only be meaningful, but will be used long-term.

Use the code adaatude30 to get a discount on your picks!

*Discount valid on online items 1/10/18 - 2/28-18. Not valid on Live TV, $1 Online Auctions, Beauty, Loose Gemstone, Clearance or Doorbuster orders. Cannot be combined with other promo codes. 

This is a close up of me holding the blue boxes from Shop LC.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry to wear? Ring? Necklace? Bracelet?