The Perfect Summer Sandal

This is a full body shot of me wearing a gorgeous light pink plaid dress along with gorgeous gladiator sandals.

The Perfect Summer Sandal

June 27, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Macy’s.

When it comes to summer sales, Macy’s knows how to do it right. I have shopped the shoe department with my Macy’s credit card for years. No, but seriously. One of the main reasons I got my Macy’s credit card was to shop for shoes because shoes were always tough for me. Having wide feet and finding a comfortable and cute pair of shoes has always been a challenge.

Amongst so many shoe options, make sure to take a quick peek and see which summer pair of shoes you need to add to your collection.

This is a close up full body shot of a pink dress, along with brown gladiator sandals from

Because of my infinite need to be comfortable, I wanted to test out the Baretraps Kaiser Flat Gladiator Sandals.

They are super cute and will go with every single outfit this summer. Whether it’s a cute top and jeans, or a dress, I know I can rely on these sandals to add a fun twist to the look. The gladiator style has been in for years, and it really comes to light during the summer time. Love a pop of color from a cute nail polish, and you are in action.

This is a close up of the Baretraps gladiator sandals from

When it comes to the perfect comfy, yet cute shoe, I have found the perfect fix for you. I’ve had many people tell me over the years that this and that shoe is comfortable, but trust me, this is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. You can walk a few miles in these, and be stylish. You can trust me when I say this, these shoes are going to be worth every penny. Best part? They’re $59 - such a steal and I cannot recommend them enough. Head over to Macy’ and snag your own pair in the brush brown shade (they also come in black!)

What's your go-to summer sandal?

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That is such a cute sandal!! I love that there are steps to be able to hold your feet in! & that is my favorite color, goes with any outfit!!

It should have been called the perfect summer outfit, because the entire ensemble is beautiful. I pretty much just wear flip flops, because I hate weird tan lines hahaha, but I do love those Sandler’s, and that dress is amazing.

Those are some beautiful sandals. I will have to find some male version of the sandal but I definitely could use some good summer sandals. Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t like them much. 🙁

They do look like the perfect summer sandal. Really pretty and they look comfortable enough to walk in too.

This dress combines with this sandal is very suitable. They are perfect outfit for summer.

This dress is so very cute and looks so comfy! I would love to add one like it to my wardrobe.