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The Phoenix Art Museum

For all of you art fanatics out there, I have a little treat for you! Last weekend on our mini getaway to Phoenix (Arizona), we wanted to explore some things we normally wouldn’t explore if we were in our hometown. I’ve also been trying to get a bit more cultured so I suggested we explore the Phoenix Art Museum.

Now I felt a little funny editing pictures of art so I tried to keep the photo editing to a minimum. Now, let’s get on with it. Come along to see some of the wonderful art this museum has to offer.

Our first wing had a lot of Asian-inspired art which told the history of the culture. I was very intrigued with this section because the craft is incredible.

Now let’s shimmy to the next exhibit…some of the more spacious ones.

This one has a very powerful look and feel to it. It’s a bit eerie, but also plain fantastic.

Now this was my absolute favorite corner of the museum. I love this painting most of all! There were a few by the same artist with the same theme and were Circle K inspired. The breakdown of the colors, the irregular painting pattern, and the meaning behind the painting are ambiguously beautiful. This is the type of art that leaves you hanging because nothing can really explain exactly what the artist was hoping to communicate.

Oh haaaaay (I think this is a horse art piece, no?)

Now let’s just humor my flower kick here…I just really love flowers.

How lovely they are!

Now let’s leave that exhibit and continue exploring…

In the south wing, there is a charming children’s area.

Which allows the young mind of a child to play a game creating their own ending to the story behind the specific piece of art they are viewing. I think it’s very clever and definitely got the kiddos excited.

Now this painting had some serious activity in front of it. Several women were debating exactly what the artist was thinking as well as what the painting itself was meant to convey to viewers. What do you think? What is this painting trying to convey? What’s your take on the significance?

Of course this is one of my favorites. It reminds me of home and island getaways so…obviously it has to be shown here!

These are quite lovely. I would put them in a display glass case. Truly stunning.

There’s a lot of flowers in the middle of a group of ladies. Can we say beautiful?

This one is very intense and incredibly made. The detail and complexity is unreal.

This one took up an entire wall (although you may not be able to notice the size proportion) but it was very colorful and appealed to me because of the beautiful shades displayed throughout the painting. 

This one reminded me a bit of Game of Thrones and was very powerful. It was a large painting as well and definitely struck a chord with the gentlemen. A small group of males were just standing in front of this one for a few minutes. Isn’t it funny how out of everything in the museum, this is the one that appeals to the gents?

Now the art doesn’t stop even once you step into the sunshine of their beautiful outside area.

The running men were very interesting, and I walked by them to get a sense of their detail. It was magnificent. To think people create these type of masterpieces on a regular basis is amazing. Don’t mind that I can barely draw a stick figure. 

I know you’re loving all this art, BUTT I have to say it’s come to an end. See what I did there

If you’re in the Phoenix area and fancy a lovely walk through a wonderful museum, I suggest you stop by the Phoenix Art Museum. Have you ever been?

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