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The Power of Coconut Oil

This is a beautiful flatlay of the Palmer's Coconut Oil product line, including the new firming products.

The Power of Coconut Oil

November 15, 2017

This post is sponsored by Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula on behalf of the One2One Network.

As always, all opinions & thoughts are honest and my own.


Given the cold weather now that winter is coming (**comment below if you know my reference 😉 I am looking for ways to keep this alligator skin of mine perfectly hydrated. I've been galavanting through the east coast this week, and after just an hour in Pennsylvania, I could sense my skin getting drier and drier with the cold temperatures. The cold air seems to suck the moisture right out of your skin.

We've known that coconut oil is one of the best things for a whole slew of ailments varying from dandruff, all the way to dehydrated skin. Palmer’s recently added some new products to their long-time line. Since their previous products were super solid, it was no surprise that these new products would be put on a serious test. Especially since they are firming products. If a product claims to firm, I take it seriously as I need to report back to you to let you know if it's truly giving you what it's saying it will. There is a new firming lotion and firming sheet mask which are available exclusively at Walmart. You can also find Palmer's products at Target, Walgreens, CVS, and other leading retailers.. After women tested these products, 98% of their skin was firmer and tighter after use. The use of both the lotion and the sheet mask is the best combination as it truly does give the skin a toned, smoother appearance.

The other thing that gets people in the door with Palmers is that their products are free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs or other harsh chemicals. They are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and made with sustainable fair trade ingredients.

This is a close up of the Palmers Coconut Oil products, surrounded by pink rose petals.

Over the past few weeks, I have been using the Coconut Oil Formula Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion as a moisturizer. There was a time when I weighed almost 30 pounds more than I do now, and my skin got stretched out so firming is something I look for with my thighs, love handles and butt. The key ingredients in this formulation are coconut oil (providing the hydration), seaweed extract (helps with fluid renovation and supports skin firming), sweet almond oil (helps with skin’s elasticity and enhances the ability to tone), and also caffeine (improves circulation for smoother appearance.) The combination of all of these key ingredients ensure this product gives your skin the best chance to be smoother and more healthy over time. After I used the firming moisturizer several days in a row, it was clear my skin was smoother, more toned and appeared healthier all around. The other element about this moisturizer that I just love so much is the fact that it gives 24 hour moisture. This is necessary in the colder months.

Now, when it comes to the Coconut Oil Formula Body Firming Sheet Mask, it is a very concentrated dose of skin firming ingredients and helps to target areas like thighs, hips, stomach, upper arms, etc. The goal is to help firm the body in a more effective and targeted way. Essentially those troubled areas can be combated since they are the ones that always seem to act up first as soon as you eat that cupcake. One thing I noticed is that the sheet mask can mold to fit the body’s curves, so this will work for many skin types. Gurana Extract, Capuaca and Sustainable Fair Trade Coconut Oil are the main ingredients here, and they deliver the significantly more concentrated result when compared to the lotion. Guarana Extract should be an IV connected to my body because it provides twice the potency of caffeine for a slimmer silhouette.



Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion is the perfect nightcap for my skin because it glides on nice and smooth. It sinks into the skin easily so I don’t have to rub product into the skin for 20 minutes.

When it comes to Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil, it is a blend of natural oils which includes grape seed, macadamia and argan oil. These ingredients sink deep into the skin and soothe dehydrated skin upon contact. One of the best ways to use this oil is right after a shower, a time your skin is stripped of natural oils and becomes dehydrated from hot water. Replenishing the skin after showering works very well, especially since this formulation is non-greasy and absorbs into skin quickly.

My Coconut Oil Formula Hand Cream is the best. I’ve been using this since day one, and I love hand creams that are super moisturizing, but also non-greasy because I usually have to hold or touch something 5 seconds after applying hand cream. Isn't that always the case? This doesn't leave my purse nowadays.

The Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream is the product I use the least because it’s thick, as body creams usually are. I tend to use this when my skin is dehydrated beyond belief. This is perfect for at-home spa days, and of course before bed on dehydrated days because this thick luxurious cream will have time to soak into your skin and do wonders overnight. As it gets colder and colder in Tucson, I know I will be busting this out more and more to ensure my skin doesn’t turn into that of an alligator because as the temperature drops, so does the skin's hydration.

Do you use coconut oil, or any products that have coconut oil?

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I am using Palmer’s product since I’m teenager. and I really love it, Especially that coconut body oil. It leaves my skin so soft and resist from dryness.

I love coconut oil. My skin is very oily so it is not good for my face. I use it on my hair to make it nice and soft and silky.

I’ve never tried any skin care with coconut oil. I guess it will be the best to try this product now as I also have a dry skin.

That stuff sounds great. I’ve never been the type of guy to go in for beauty stuff, but coconut oil based products are great for your skin. That’s important to me in the winter.

I need this in my life! I’ve heard that coconut oil is super healthy for your skin. Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

I love the Coconut Oil Body Oil and I will have to check out a few more of these products. I’m like you, the cold and wind feels like it just pulls the moisture of of me.

Wow! That list of qualities is very impressive. The firming lotion sounds pretty interesting. I’d like to try that (I sure need it)!

I love coconut oil! It’s prob the most useful oil ever, you can use while cooking, or on your skin. It’s so moisturizing and soft.

I love coconut oil! I actually have the Palmers hand cream with coconut oil and it’s amazing, first the smell is divine and then it actually works and softens the skin. It’s wonderful.

Palmers has awesome products and I am glad to here they added new ones. I will have to try both the firming lotion and the firming sheet mask. These Palmers products would make a great gift in a gift basket for the holidays. Thanks for sharing a great review.

Coconut my all time fav! I like how it feels on my skin. I wouldn’t say its sticky. It seems to work into the skin and is very hydrating, plus it smells nice.

I have used coconut oil in cooking and crafts. I have not used it in any of my beauty products. I bet my skin would feel so amazing!

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