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The Products You Need in the Sephora Beauty Spring Sale 2023

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The Products You Need in the Sephora Beauty Spring Sale 2023

April 13, 2023

It's that time again!

Why is the Sephora sale such a big deal? For beauty fanatics like us, we get 10-20% off the entire site, which only happens twice a year. This is the time to stock up on your favorites, try those new products you weren't sure you wanted to spend the money on, and even get some gifts (birthday, shower, etc.) 

4/14-4/24 Rouge 20% off

4/18-4/24 VIB 15%

Insider 4/18-4/24 10%

Can I keep it short and tight this year? That's the goal. However if you want a long spread of options, you can review last year's breakdown. From someone like me who loves beauty (and skincare in particular) it's hard to pick 1 or 2 favorites in a specific category. But I'm doing my best to make it happen because I know you don't want to be overwhelmed.


My favorite cleanser on Sephora's site, comes from Tatcha. When it comes to toner or essence, I've been using more essences. This one from Sulwhasoo is incredible. Another one that's a mix between a serum mist and a hydrating mist aka toner, is this one from Kosas

I'm not usually a blur drop person, but these BHA drops double up as an incredible serum and the blurring is that added bonus. A glow serum that you need in your arsenal comes from Merit. This serum actually gives the skin an instant glow and is really hydrating. For something that'll hydrate deep into the pores, I like this Biossance one. The best vitamin C on the site is from Dr. Dennis Gross. If you're thinking of a retinol (aka Vitamin A) I stand by my love for the Shani Darden one because I saw short-term changes. If you prefer a retinol alternative (for a multitude of reasons like pregnant or breastfeeding, sensitive skin, etc) opt for this bakuchiol one. Bakuchiol is a plant based retinol alternative. You won't see the same benefits as true vitamin A, but it does wonders.

Now if you want to combine the bakuchiol and moisturizer into one, this option from The Inkey List is fire. I've also enjoyed this option too.

Lip oils are having a moment right now, and I've been using these on and off for years. They've been around forever, but since everyone is coming out with lip oils I figured I'd share an oldie but a goodie.


This mascara is bomb. And I'm so picky when it comes to mascaras. 

Ok, but hear me out. Do you want to look like a dewy bronzed goddess? Discoball but in a good way? You want this from Kosas. Trust. 

 The GOAT when it comes to foundation is truly Luminous Silk, so I can't lead you elsewhere. In terms of a cleaner option, I love Kosas and for a lightweight tinted moisturizer situation, you turn to Saie.

For concealer, the Kosas one still stands for me.

In terms of eyeshadow, I like to keep it simple most days. For a great cream option (also lasts forever) you want the Charlotte Tilbury one. For an eyeshadow stick (also great for travel and a quick in car application) you want this one from Bobbi.

This might make some of you fall out of your chair, but I don't really use a lot of brow products. If I want to do something more dramatic, I go in with the Lawless gel but typically I don't take this extra step. 

I've loved blush for as long as I can remember. I used to put Coralista all over. I looked like a clown. But we've persevered and we use blush in moderation now. The Rare Beauty one has been my go-to recently. It is beyond, and there's a reason it is trending.

What's in my Cart

This peel kit is definitely something I want to try. After being a massive DDG peel pads fan for 92367532 years, I need to give this at home kit a go. I also want to try the Hydration Peptide Cream.

A girl can never have too much sunscreen. Never, ever. 

We love a blush and bronzer duo, and I am also delighted to see Iconic London part of Sephora these days. They must be doing well in the US to be in such a massive retailer, and it's a brand I loved 10+ years ago because I followed everything going on in the UK. 

Everyone and their mothers has been talking about Selena Gomez and her brand new lip oils. Could it have something to do with all the influencers who were sent to New York City? Yes, yes it could. So indeed, I will be trying a few shades of these. 

Everyone also seems to be talking about the Charlotte Tilbury new blushes, and how there's dupes (or there isn't) so I have to try this formulation. 

Now that Glossier is also on Sephora, I need to try some of their new formulations. The blush of course (I have both Dusk and Beam in my cart). Of course we need a high shine lipstick. Villa and Portrait both look incredible, but Villa is sold out. So Portrait it is. Hoping they restock the tried and true lip balm since all of the shades I want are sold out.

This sounds intriguing to me. A spray to wipe. At this point, just throw it in the bag. 

Questions You Asked 

On this post, I wanted to know what you're looking for me to review and/or provide an opinion on.

"Maybe the Dyson Airwrap!!!"

Ok, so hear me out. I got the Dyson Airwrap years ago. I used it a total of about 3-4 times and it was not a staple for me. I couldn't figure out the benefit, and it made my hair frizzy so I know I was using it wrong. I ended it up selling it to a friend because I knew she would use it, and I was definitely not going to. People swear by it, and I think if you put in the money and the time and effort, you will love it but it just didn't do it for me.

"Best makeup for dry skin"

A few things I'd recommend if you tend to have drier skin would be a hydrating primer, and avoiding the more matte and dry products. Applying a powder on dry skin usually exacerbates it so I'd recommend staying away from them. This is a super hydrating primer, which can help even if the foundation tends to be drier. This (mentioned up above) is also super hydrating to the skin. Most importantly if you have an incredible moisturizer, like this one from Caudalie, all your dehydration problems seem to magically disappear. 

"Got any good tips for fading dark spots?"

The serum that has helped me with dark spots comes from Caudalie. I used it for a month and did a before and after, and it was tremendous progress. 

"Always a long list but definitely some SPF and vit c serum. Also need to find a new bronzer."

For SPF, grab a mineral one from Supergoop. Dr. Dennis Gross, but also love this one. An oldie but a goodie (and expensive if you want to splurge) is the bronzer from Gucci, but this one does a great job too.

"Summer perfume recommendations?"

I have a year round fragrance, and it's clean. It smells different on everyone, but it gets the most compliments out of every fragrance or scent I've ever used. No.4 is the GOAT.

"I want a new mascara will be looking for that"

I did a full mascara edit here. Most of these mascaras are at Sephora, so take your pick. caliray and Saie do a great job, just saying.  

What's top on your list?

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