The Queen of Stitchfix


The Queen of Stitchfix

May 31, 2017

If you've been around these parts, you know my infinite love for Stitchfix. Many of my outfits come from them because they know how to dress me better than I can dress myself. While I don't normally feature other bloggers on my blog, I had to take a moment to applaud the Queen of Stitchfix and show you some of her impeccable style.

Sam, blogger behind The Pink Envelope, is am a mid 30’s mom of two whose fashion is certainly a bit different from mine, but it's within people who have slightly different styles that my inspiration comes from the most and helps me grow my own style.

When Sam and I decided to share a bit of each other's stories on our respective blogs, it was definitely clear that we see a little bit of ourselves in the other. Sam is ambitious, hard-working, attentive to detail and is always doing 24863473 things for other people. There is no lack of selflessness when it comes to her, and that is a trait I truly admire. Sure, it's awesome when a blogger has great style, but when that style translates to something more, it's even more meaningful. 

If you're looking for an incredible new blog to check out, make sure you give Sam a read. She reviews and writes about so many different products and clothes, and I honestly cannot get enough. When it comes to Stitchfix, it's another thing we have in common because we are both huge fans.

Sam from The Pink Envelope is wearing a gorgeous black and white striped top from Stitchfix.

When Sam and I got to chatting, my biggest question was how she got into Stitchfix in the beginning. Not only does she have an impeccable sense for fashion, but remember she is a working mom with 2 young kids and just doesn't have time to shop. This is why she started looking for other options. After giving Stitchfix a try, she really loved it and it stuck. 

She mentioned that the thing she loves most about Stitchfix is that it's a surprise every month. The surprise of trendy new clothing will never get old. As a mom and business owner, she has to make decisions all day long and help everyone with everything so as you can imagine, she does not get surprises and when she does, it is usually not something she wanted to pop up. Stitchfix is kind of like Christmas every month (or however often you like to receive the boxes which is totally up to your own discretion!)

For Sam, Stitchfix benefits her day to day in that she doesn’t have to rush to the mall to snag a dress for an upcoming event or run to the local boutique to snag something trendy for an upcoming girls' night. She can easily just tell Stitchfix whats on the calendar for the month and she doesn't think twice about it. When the clothes arrive, they are always perfect and ready to be worn out.

Have you tried Stitchfix yet? Make sure to visit Sam's blog.

This is fun picture of Sam from The Pink Envelope showing her fun showing off her white top from Stitchfix.