The Results of Using Neutrogena Best of Allure Beauty

The Results of Using Neutrogena Best of Allure Beauty

January 24, 2018

This post is sponsored and in collaboration with Amazon and Neutrogena.

In my last post about the best products for your holiday shopping list, I explained how Allure decided on its best of beauty products - those winners are phenomenal. The Allure Best of Beauty Awards are considered the beauty industry's ultimate stamp of approval. You can find all of the winners right here. Genuinely loving all of these choices as I've tried most of them and they are so good.

This is a close up of shot of the Best of Beauty in Allure, featuring Neutrogena products.

If you don't recall, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint is 1 fluid ounce of pure goodness, perfect for dry skin. One of the biggest descriptions about this tint is that it'll keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours. After using this as one of my daily bases, it has made a significant difference in the moisture level in my skin. Ironically enough, I have had a lot of incredible feedback about my skin recently. Of course, in case you didn't watch vlogmas on my YouTube channel, you didn't know I was plagued with some nasty cystic zits for several weeks. Nothing was making them go away which really made me sad, and of course probably scared off half my YouTube subscribers. However, it's life. We all get breakouts, no matter how healthy we are, or how healthy we eat. Sometimes stress and other environmental toxins are to blame. Before I started using this hydrating tint, my skin was super dry around my mouth. Both sides of my mouth, my chin and then right underneath my nose was always chaffed and peeling. I am so glad to be rid of that problem as it was not only un-sexy, it was actually painful. This tint made a huge dent in that hydration, and I know this because it's the only item I added to my routine since winter was upon us here in the desert. That's how I know the benefit is from this hydrating tint! 

After using this sunscreen, I have noticed my makeup is much less oily throughout the day. This not only keeps my face matte during the day, but I've noticed my skin stays more balanced throughout the day. In addition, I have found that no more sun spots have appeared anywhere on my face since I've been using this sunscreen on a regular basis. The Sheer Zinc Face Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 allows me to apply product quickly and it absorbs in just a few seconds so I don't have to wait long for this to absorb into the skin. 

I've used a lot of makeup removing wipes over the years. I'm a simple girl who wants to get the makeup off my face efficiently. The Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes & Wipes are the most gentle wipe I've used on the skin, and they have not broken me out at ALL. Normally the wipe is either so rough it's uncomfortable using it on the skin, not wet enough and therefore rendered ineffective at removing makeup OR it makes my sensitive skin freak out. There was no redness, no change in moisture so I consider this a win.

In this photo, I am holding the Neutrogena Acne Mask which is one of the products featured in the Best of Beauty for Allure.

The area of biggest improvement has been my the light therapy acne treatment mask which has been instrumental with reducing my acne and also helping diminish the acne scars on my face. 

Towards the middle of November, I got a trio of cystic acne on the right side of my face. I used all the creams, gels and cleansers I should get my hands on. Unfortunately none of them worked for me. I was getting so upset, and annoyed that I continuously was putting more and more makeup and creams on the pimples. All of those products really didn't help me in any capacity, so I tried using only this light therapy mask. After several treatments, the cystic acne reduced significantly. After three weeks, my acne came down to just red spots. It was honestly so exciting to see the pimples decrease in size, because these pimples are not the ones you can squeeze (TMI!?) They were painful, and I knew they were cystic because I suffer from cystic acne from time to time.

After almost 6 weeks, my skin is looking fantastic. The acne is gone, and the red spots are diminishing by the day. 

This is the BEST product I've ever tried, and I would 100% recommend this system to you. 10 minutes only a few times a month is completely worth it to me, when this product has such incredible results.   

In this photo, I am wearing the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask with the light turned on so my face is illuminated in purple.

What's your favorite Neutrogena product? I think you know mine!