The Shopbop Surprise Sale 2019!

This is a collage of a few sale items at Shophop for the May 2019 surprise sale.

The Shopbop Surprise Sale 2019!

May 23, 2019

I have loved Shopbop for years. It has everything from the designer and mid tier level, all the way to the affordable and adorable things more of us can drop into our carts pretty easily. Some of my favorite purchases have come from Shopbop, including a crossbody bag a few years ago and of course the infamous Greece Slides that were the hottest item to buy two years ago.

Haley and I went through the sale, item by item, to find our favorite picks. It took some time, but I can assure you that these are the items we genuinely love. Not to mention we've added these goodies to our carts. You have to take advantage during a sale right? I always tell myself I'm saving money long-term based on the number of wears, the sale, and so forth. I'm totally a psychological shopper, and I justify it all. Anyone else like this out there? You're probably justifying all these new additions because that's how fashionistas and avid shoppers do it. We have to make a reasoning for the amount of bags in the closet. It's all justification and listen, I'm not mad. From the sandals I chose, to the adorable sunglasses, crossbody bags and of course the few clothing selects. 

Have you shopped the sale yet?

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