The Sh*t Other Influencers Won’t Tell You

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is brushing her hair away while rocking some luxurious accessories including Dior flats and lots of gold jewelry.

The Sh*t Other Influencers Won’t Tell You

July 20, 2020

After sharing my thoughts on a recent product that claims your hair will magically grow back on Instagram stories (saved on my highlight here) a few more of you realized that I am definitely not like the majority of influencers. 

When it comes to collagen, and other "hair growth" supplements claiming to make your hair grow back, be weary because it is likely false advertising. In the US, brands can make false claims. In Europe, it is much more heavily regarded and you cannot promise the world in a single product.

This came from a trichologist about this products claiming (and having influencers) claim magical hair growth:

Collagen won’t make an ounce of difference to PP hair loss. Post partum hair loss often resolves itself with no treatment.

If it doesn’t, it’s usually because the mom was very depleted of things like iron, b12, ferritin and vitamin d in her last trimester, during Labour and while breast feeding.

And treating that requires blood tests and taking appropriate supplements/changes to diet.

Pregnancy can also trigger thyroid problems, which while they usually resolve after birth, they don’t always. This can also cause prolonged post partum hair loss.

Claiming that drinking two spoon fulls of collagen (and I’m not entirely sure what else is in there) will stop/prevent/treat PP hair fall is unethical and preying on the I securities of vulnerable women.

I can’t comment on its effect on joints/skin etc.

One of my favorite DMs in response to my stories about this magical hair growth product was:

I just find it so odd/interesting that so many of them are all on cbd 😂 please don’t take offense if you take it too 😬 It’s like an influencer starter kit: Billie razor, X skincare brand and X cbd brand 

*I've removed the specific brand names above, per the recommendation of my legal counsel. I will say the Billie razor is good. Why? The handle, and the movement of the razor attachment works really well as you glide it up and down your legs. It also gives a nice shave, but at the end of the day there are other brands out there that can do the exact same. Why is it that you see the same brands over and over being marketed by the same girls? The simple answer is money. 

Some girls are making insane amounts of money. Millions. This was the analogy I used over on Instagram, but imagine a bed is $2,000, and using an influencer's affiliate link gets them 15% of the sale. If 50,000 people swipe up and 10,000 purchase, the influencer just made 3 million dollars FROM ONE Instagram story. People think this is uncommon, but more and more people are coming to terms with this because they see influencers making substantial purchases on the regular. The sad truth nowadays is that most influencers can be bought. Because I started in 2012, there wasn't any money to be made so to see where the industry has gone makes me sad. Influencers used to be the honest ones and weren't doing celebrity style endorsements.

Some of these products are definitely not as good as they say they are. When you see a product mentioned all the time by the same girls, it's likely because "it sells itself" and an easy paycheck sounds appealing. I've tried all the same products, and then some, and most of the ones I see over and over aren't terrific. Heck they're not even worth me mentioning I don't like them. That's how insignificant they are. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt so for a lot of the girls who went from St Ives Apricot Scrub and Neutrogena Face Wash out of college, may think a particular skincare brand is fantastic. However from someone who has used hundreds of skincare brands, I can assure you there's far superior products out there for much less and much more.

They don't reply to your DMs because they have more "important" things to do. If you don't respond to your audience for years (yes you girls sent me video screenshot of this) I personally do not believe you are not managing your business well. You can make millions from your audience, but you can't take the hours it needs to get through your messages? Ok celebrity *insert major eye roll*

This grinds my gears, which is why I talked about it on stories. If ladies with 1 million + like Lorna Luxe, or Half Baked Harvest can respond to everyone, girls with 400k or 500k have literally 0 excuses. Either turn the DMs off, or pick a new career path because not responding to the people funding your life is unacceptable. For those who may not see it as that "serious", think of a corporate setting. You don't ignore your emails, and DMs are a form of emails to influencers. It's bad business practice for a business of any sort to ignore their customers' emails, DMs, tweets, etc. 

Sometimes products aren't being tested before they are discussed on social. This has been more evident to me lately because girls are sharing magical hair supplements, and have NO results of their own so they share before and afters of someone else. SAY WHAT!? Other times I see brands working on sponsored content with girls who have never mentioned their products before. Trust me, I follow a lot of people and their content so I see people taking the deals for the money but I know they don't know what they're talking about half the time. Nothing like a cringe-worthy ad, am I right? Makes the rest of us look bad.

I'm not here to lie, and I haven't been since 2012. I try everything and give my honest opinion, and while this is my career (and I have a full team to support) I won't be bought by any brand. I've been working hard to build a relationship with a brand organically, before every working with them in a sponsored sense. If it's not good enough for my mom and my best friend, it's not good enough for over a million people to see. And that's the tea.

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I am LOVING your honest posts lately. Thanks for saying stuff that some of us don’t have the guts to say! We have worked hard for our ~50,000 followers over the past 6 years and its such a struggle sometimes to see others making so much money promoting such crappy products. thanks for this post, gf!!!

xx rebecca //

This is exactly why I work with very few brands. It is not possible to love 100 brands and promote 100 brands – there cannot possibly be that many hours in the day to test everything out. Love your post. From the heart as always.


Girl BRAVO for this post! I love your transparency and realness! So glad you broke it down for so many who don’t understand that authenticity is key. xo

YAAASSSS queen! I went and watched your highlight…I bought into they hype and tried that product…it did NOTHING for me. I even tried the one for weight loss…nothing either! What a waste of time and money. I haven’t shared it with my audience…they don’t even know I tried it, but you are so right…it’s our duty to give them the real deal!

EVERYTHING IN THIS POST!! Love your honesty and it’s also a good reminder for all of us to just be ourselves! PS also love this look!

This feels like it needs some applause. As someone who has worked incredibly hard over five years for the small audience I *do* have, I never want them to feel like I’m inauthentic or disingenuous. I partner only with brands I either REALLY love or REALLY want to try, and if I don’t 100% adore a product, I don’t preach that I do. I respond to all my DM’s and comments (as much as I can and that make sense), and I certainly don’t feel as though I’m one of the pack. I don’t even work with the “popular” brands haha! It’s good to know I’m not alone in this.