The Skincare Line That Completely Changed my Skin

I am applying some Blanc & Eclaire skincare products to my skin.

The Skincare Line That Completely Changed my Skin

March 19, 2018

Full Skincare System

I've been teasing the mention of a skincare line that has transformed my skin. The wait is over. Blanc and Eclaire, the brand created by Jessica Jung, has a complete skincare line that is just out of this world. Over the past year, I have really dived into K beauty. K beauty stands for Korean beauty for anyone not familiar. During my recent time at NYFW, I learned a lot more about Korean beauty and why so many incredible skincare products come out of the country. Evidently the rumor is that Korean women are so focused on quality products that are going to keep them looking young as long as possible. They are also focused on soft, smooth and healthy skin, so they continuously push the envelope in Korea. Therefore brands feel the need to be innovative and create products using new technology and new ingredients. I am a firm believer in K beauty on all fronts, so of course when I found this line, I had high expectations. Just as a disclaimer, this is not sponsored (I always disclose if it is) but regardless of it is sponsored or not, I will always share my honest opinion. If you want to transform your skin, purchase a few of these products one at a time (they can be pricey!) and just watch your skin change over a few weeks. It is truly life-changing, and this is coming from someone who has struggled with acne, dark spots, and blemishes since the 5th grade! I am such a tough critic when it comes to skincare so you can count on me!

I have used the entire skincare line over the past month, and if you know anything about me, you know that I use a lot of skincare. I've tried low end and so much high end. This entire system is lightyears ahead of other systems I've tried in the past.

Serein Silk Cleansing Foam This is a must have product!

If you buy one product from this post, it has to be this one. This cleanser is a skincare lover's dream. When it comes to consistency, the formulation is soft and mousse-like. You start by putting a dollop on your finger. As you rub the formula between your finger, it foams up a little and becomes a thicker consistency. It's a rich moisturizing and nourishing cleanser that feels like it's getting deep into your pores. It helps remove makeup, and washes your long day away. It's made with plant-derived ingredients, which is also one of my favorite elements to this line. This ensures the cleanser isn't too rough and doesn't rub your skin raw. Tasmanian Rainwater helps to create cleaner skin over time, while Aquaphyline EL helps your skin maintain moisture. Side note: You're going to hear me say moisture and hydration a lot in this post. That's a good thing!

You absolutely need this cleanser; you can thank me later. Don't worry, I'll wait while you snag this product.

Serein Essential Sun Cream

I am a huge advocate for sun protection, and this has been the case ever since college. When I lived in California, I was one of those people who laid out in the sun for as long as humanly possible. I'd get a tan, burn a little bit and get this, I actually enjoyed the burn because I knew it would be an incredible tan. Oh how naive I was. Now I cower away from the sun, especially here in Arizona. However, even if you don't expose yourself for long periods of time, you absolutely need to wear SPF every single day. Did you catch that? Every single day. Rain or shine!

What I've been enjoying with this sunscreen is the fact that it blends beautifully into the skin, so I can pop this on as one of my primers before the foundation or BB creme goes on my skin in the morning. It can also be added later in the day over makeup and blends nicely if you need another layer. Not only is it SPF 50, but it is also super hydrating and keeps the moisture in throughout the day (and throughout your time in the sun!) It doesn't smell like chemicals, and you can't tell it's on your skin. I've easily added this to my routine.

 Serein Moisturizing Cream

This cream is definitely the optimal one for daytime use. It's the perfect consistency and goes well under makeup, without making you look greasy a few hours into your day. Because of the amount of moisture given to you, this will give your skin a serious pick me up if you didn't get your 8 hours of rest. It gives you that hydration boost to make you look more awake and ready to spring into the day. It's also not sticky, blends into the skin easily and make your skin feel comfortable (not too dry and definitely not greasy or oily). I love putting this as a base layer on my skin before any other product is applied to my face! I also use about 4 primers and a glow product before putting on foundation or BB creme, so this is definitely good under all of those products but it will be beautiful just by itself underneath a foundation or any kind of base you enjoy using.

 Serein Enriching Essence

This product most closely resembles a serum to me. It's a lightweight formulation that can gently be dabbed to the skin, before the final moisturizer, because you want this to sink into the skin. With all the ingredients in this particular product, the goal is to brighten those dark spots, firm and strengthen the skin and then rehydrate. Not to mention this will also help with the retention of moisture! 

When it comes to the perfect on the go product, the hydrating mist is where it's at! From the very beginning, I knew I needed this mist just for a refresher spritz while on the go. It doesn't ruin your makeup even if you do a couple spritzs throughout the day. It's energizing and overall refreshing. The goal of this mist is to ensure your skin maintains hydration for your long days and hectic lifestyle. Especially when you live in polluted areas (think big cities) or even dry areas (like I do in Arizona!) This can benefit everyone, even those in more humid environments because it's a refreshing mist focused on long-term moisturization as well as moisture retention. 

Between the key ingredients (Tasmanian Rainwater, Aquaxyl and Aquaphyline) your skin will stay moisturized, retain the hydration and enhance the retention of that moisture. It's the perfect solution for every single skin type because good moisture will help keep your skin looking younger and healthy for longer.

Serein Luscious Lip Balm This is another must have product!


When it comes to lip balms, I can be somewhat of a tough critic. I love the idea of luscious lips and consistency is so important when it comes to lip products. As soon as I applied this balm for the first time, I knew I'd be in love for the long-term because the hydration is there and the formula is creamy, long-lasting with heavy consistency. Lip products need to have thicker consistency in my opinion because lips get dry. When consistency is thin, my lips don't seem to retain the moisture. I also don't like a slippery or slimy feel because then I worry the balm is running down my chin. Luckily, the consistency is absolute perfection and this lip balm is your next daily lip elixir. If you could only buy two products from this collection, I'd recommend that cleansing foam I mentioned above AND this lip balm. Must haves!

Serein Soothing Luxury Mask

When I used this mask for the first time, I was shocked by how much of a difference it made in my skin right away. If you know anything about me, you know I like instant gratification. Don't we all?

Between the Niacinamide and Adenosine, this mask helps to whiten the skin's dark spots (something I so desperately need!) and has anti-wrinkling benefits too. Something you keep hearing me say is how moisturizing and hydrating each product is, and this mask is absolutely no exception. If your skin was dry and dehydrated, this mask will help whip it right back into shape. For those of you living in high trafficked or highly polluted areas, you will also get the benefit of this mask which helps mask your skin from further damage when it comes to those toxins. It was help slowly erase the damage already done and be proactive with future toxins. It's brilliant! Plus, this can be used by almost every single person in the world given we all have toxins of our own in each respective city.

 Serein Robust Ampoule Serum

This serum is perfect for nighttime as it has a deeper penetration than the essence. Of course, it is very moisturizing and provides a lightweight and smooth formulation to be gently patted into the skin. Not only does this help with moisture and helping to wake up with refreshed skin, it also strengths the skin to prepare it for the next day's toxins.

It feels clean, lightweight and it's not greasy or oily feeling. That's a plus for me. I do find it a little icky when I use some serums and they feel a little too greasy for me. It's like I put vegetable oil on my face and then I roll around on my pillow with it on. This is the perfect add to your night time skincare routine, and you will see a noticeable difference the next morning!

In this shot, I am applying the Blanc & Eclaire Essence product, to add some moisture to my skin.

Serein Nourishing Night Cream

When it comes to a night cream, I always wanted something thick but still easily blendable that doesn't feel overly thick. This particular cream has the ability to help with anti-aging and whitening, but in a safe way. With the combination of Macadamia Seed Oil, Xylitol, and Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolor Extract, this cream provides long term hydration so your skin is transformed over night.

Serein Energizing Eye Cream

Something about this particular eye cream really made me feel like I was giving my skin a luxurious facial. The formulation has an incredible elasticity to it, especially on the under eye skin that tends to be drier, thiner and wrinkles first. Dermatologists consistently have told me that the eye and neck area is the most sensitive, but yet we don't take more care of them. In addition, I get a lot of questions all the time about the importance of eye cream. Is it a hoax? Just another product the skincare industry wants to sell us? 

It is typically fine to apply your regular moisturizer to the area under your eyes, but the under eye skin is normally thin, dry and wrinkle-sensitive so it requires more hydration. Between the combination of several extremely moisturizing products (Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil and White Lupin Seed Extract) and ingredients that help with skin's elasticity (Ceramide 3, Phytosphingosine, Aquaxyl and Aquaphyline) this eye cream is the best combination to help this sensitive area of your face. Best eye cream I've used!

This is a photo of the entire Blanc and Eclaire skincare line, which I use on a daily basis.

How has this changed my skin?

  1. My dark spots are less prominent.
  2. I haven't broken out once since I started using this line.
  3. My skin is less red overall.
  4. It's significantly smoother.
  5. NO dry patches (and I always have dry patches!)
  6. My under eye area is not dark or puffy, even after only 4 hours of sleep.
  7. Skin is generally healthier, more firm and is getting so many compliments. When I went in for my microblading touch-up, I was told my skin was "like butter."
  8. There's a healthy glow, even without any glow enhancing products used.
  9. I am so much more comfortable rocking my skin naturally and putting less makeup on to cover up blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles.

This system has completely changed the game for me. K beauty is not one to be reckoned with, and this is a complete line to ensure your skin doesn't give you any surprises. I trust in the entire line, and I don't worry about my skin anymore because I know I am taking great care of it with the use of this entire line. When others see a big difference in skin health, I know it's clear something is working. When a professional in the beauty world tells you your skin is looking fabulous, you really know you're doing something right.

As always I will say that every skincare product has different effects on everyone. My results may vary across skin types, but there is also genetics that play a part with skin too. Keep that in mind, but know that I am a huge advocate of this entire line. It is life-changing.

What's your favorite skincare product to use every day?

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