The Smoothest Shave

Rocking a Smooth Shave with Gillette

The Smoothest Shave

February 8, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Gillette Venus.

Ever since I started shaving as a middle school girl, I went through a phase where I could not pick the right razor. For years. I had cuts and nicks all over my legs. So much so that my mom did not want me to have a razor. After I worked for a few years, I realized I could purchase more than the $1 razor which was tearing my legs apart. 

When I found Venus, I honestly never looked back because there was no reason. Back then I found the most generic of the Venus razors. Over time I tried all the various razors I could, including the ones that are ideal for drier skin; the razors with a stripe of moisture always did magical things to my skin.

That’s why I was so excited to team up with Venus. Venus Platinum Extra Smooth is the latest offering and it features a new razor with a handle made of metal. The design of this razor is so nice, and the weight of the handle makes it easy to use, ideal for helping me prep for the gym.

In case you haven't been up to date, I went back to Orange Theory a few months ago, and with the high temperatures in Arizona (yes even in January and February) I have been wearing shorts here and there. When it comes to the gym and working out, I want to ensure I am hair-free. Even when I wear leggings, they come up to half my leg so it's important for me to ensure my legs and underarms are shaved. I always like to shave other parts of the body to feel my absolute best. The perfect shave is one of the biggest elements when it comes to me feeling comfortable and ready to take on an intense workout.

Rocking the Workout Attire with Gillette

A few more details about my latest pre workout routine (a.k.a. shaving my armpits and legs), the Venus Platinum Extra Smooth is a beautifully-designed razor with a metal handle. This new design of the metal handle helps make shaving a more premium experience and is a more durable design to hold up better against wear and tear. One thing I've always loved about specific razors is when they're easy to hold. The metal handle is not only premium, it's also ergonomically perfect.

When it comes to the design of this razor, there is an anti-slip texture to ensure you don't slip on your skin. The glide technology releases lubricants when it's activated by water to ensure the razor glides easily on the skin. The 5 diamond-like blades help get the smoothest shave possible got beautifully smooth skin. The blades are surrounded in moisture and feature a glide technology that releases lubricants when it hits water for even more glide and protection.

Even if I wear leggings, I've noticed that the leggings go on much easier when my legs are shaved, especially if the leggings are skin tight. Plus they always seem to rise up and no one wants to see hair if the leggings don't cover me to my ankles! On top of being a high-performance razor, Venus Platinum Extra Smooth is available on Amazon. Hello Amazon Prime – stubble will never get in the way of your workout again!

There's something so comfortable about being hair-free, especially when you go to the gym. There's less hair for the sweat to stick onto, and it just feels cleaner. Anyone else feel that way?

There's something so comfortable and relaxing about being completely shaved, especially when you go to the gym. There's less hair for the sweat to stick onto, and it just feels cleaner. Anyone else feel that way?

Smooth Shave from Gillette's Newest Razor with a Metal Handle

What's your go-to razor?