The Struggle Working with Brands

This is a close up of my face and upper body with a red brick wall in the background.

This is for all my blogger babes who struggle with the same sh%$ when it comes to working with brands. While we love the brands that have made a difference in our lives, treated us with respect and made our careers what they are today, there are many brands that do not understand the value of an influencer. This post could make you laugh, want to cry, or just really piss you off. Either way, this is the cold hard truth. When you see your favorite bloggers using #ad or #sponsored, you should know that they worked their ass off not only to get that awesome collaboration but to avoid all the ridiculous ones that flood our inboxes day in and day out.

This is a full body shot of my blue button up shirt, with distressed blue jeans and my Gucci bag.

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The easiest way to break this down is to do is by scenario, because goodness there are so many embarrassing scenarios brands put you through when they reach out.

The “no budget” with 2836273 requirements. I’m pretty sure nothing makes me want to fling my laptop across the room faster than the email that lists out an excessive amount of requirements, and says we will send you 3 shirts, in exchange for this work.

Um. All I have to say to this is what the actual fuck. Who on this earth wakes up in the morning, works 8 hours a day, gets paid in products and can afford to live with a roof over their heads? Do you work for products? Of course not. So why on this earth would you imagine I would do that?  These emails make me want to take those shirts and use scissors to cut them apart and then send back to the brand. Too much? 

The “no budget” with no requirements other than post. While I appreciate your email more than the one with 999 requirements, I still don’t want to see your email in my inbox. Unless you’re a company that fits my niche that’s going to add me to the PR list and expect no posts (only if I genuinely feel like it) I don’t need your product in exchange for a post.

This is a close up of the outfit displaying the Gucci bag front and center.

The no $. I’ve gotten so many emails from brands saying “It is a new brand with no budget for advertising. Would you be interested in free product in exchange for posts? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!” 

Um. Not really. I’m not really interested in helping your brand new company for free. Sorry, but if you can’t afford to pay, why are you asking for free work. While I understand new blogger are looking for opportunities, I have more than enough content to post about that I don’t have the time to do this work for free.

This is a close-up of my accessories, include my pink Gucci bag, pink nails and my rings and bracelet.

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The $15.” There are brands who send us a ton of requirements and then at the end of the email when they discuss payment, they say a ridiculous amount of $15 or $25. While they understand they need to pay for this work, $15 (Chipotle for two) is not worth my time. It always makes me laugh. I’ve gotten emails for amounts of $7 or $10. Where does the $7 payment even come in the conversation? Honestly makes no sense to me. 

The “you have a full time job.”  They’ve read my blog, and know I have a full-time corporate job. Just because I have a full time corporate job for NOW does not mean I will work for free for you. Because I have a 9-5, it makes me EVEN MORE likely to want extra money. It’s called a side hustle for a reason. Don’t be an idiot and think because I get paid over there, that I will work for free for you. Honestly typing this out as me shaking my head. 

If you’re not a blogger, well now you know the some of the back-end when it comes to working with brands. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. If you are a blogger, I guarantee you shook your head to some of these alongside me, because no matter how big or small you are when it comes to your audience, you have gotten some of these ridiculous emails.

Now, my final piece of advice here is to respond back to these brands kindly and let them know your worth. Share your media kit, tell them your experience, the results you’ve yielded other brands, and make sure they hear your insight. If this doesn’t work, then you have to make a decision on your own to either work for free or decide to say goodbye to spend your time towards another opportunity. 

What have you encountered? Any other scenarios that I have not mentioned? I’d love to know in the comments down below!

This is a shot of me standing in my blue outfit in downtown Tucson.

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