The Team

I am so incredibly proud to share with you my team, and tell you a little bit more about each of them. Some of them have been with me for years and a few are brand new. It's an absolute honor and privilege to work with so many talented people that can carry out the vision I wanted with any piece of content. The amount of work that goes into any single photo on Instagram or any single blog post is not just me. It's a group of us who commandeer the concept, style, photograph, edit, write and then publish. So much goes into every single piece of content, and as I've expanded the team, the content has gotten better and better. Thank you to the team!

Each and every single one is extremely talented and I am so thankful to them for their incredible work. Let's jump into their backgrounds and passions so you can learn more!


Jenny is a social media strategist + coach from Houston, Texas. After dabbling in the corporate world for a few years, she knew that she was meant for something greater so she founded her own social media marketing agency in 2016. She currently handles all social media strategy efforts for Adaleta. Jenny helps on a daily basis with responding to social media comments, sharing across networks, managing Adaleta's Pinterest to gain more organic website traffic, among other social media tasks. Jenny joined the team in late 2016.



Eva is currently working at Simpleview as Lead Designer in the Experience Design department. She is responsible for conceptualizing and designing websites for destinations around the world. Prior to working at Simpleview, Eva’s experience includes working as a multimedia designer at an integrated marketing agency, and NBC – KVOA Channel 4; she has also worked with non-profit organizations, such as the Primavera Foundation, United Way and the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. Eva received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The University of Arizona. Eva joined the team in mid 2015.

This is a full body photo of me writing in my Erin Condren life planner.

Nicci Radhe is a Tucson-based photographer and outdoor adventure writer who has a deep passion for travel, nature and people. Nicci has been interested in photography since she was in high school yearbook. Finally she quit her day job and started her own photography business, Celesteal Photography back in in 2016. The Celesteal Photography team works hard to create images for many of Tucson's top non-profit organizations and prominent businesses. The team travels for weddings all over the country and enjoys capturing unique images for local magazines and online publications.


Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has traveled to 80+ countries. He captures images as lead photographer for Rick Steves' Europe and Lonely Planet travel guides. He is the owner of Gallery Bonuccelli in Solana Beach, California.

He has hosted six seasons of travel TV shows for Lonely Planet, the National Geographic Adventure Channel, Discovery Asia, the Travel Channel and the BBC across Latin America, Europe and Asia. His editorial work has been featured in Lux, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal; he is the cover photographer for MovieMaker Magazine in Los Angeles. Dominic joined the team in mid 2017.

Makiah Fox has always been a lover of the arts, drawing and painting from the time she was a small child. As she grew older, she fell in love with movies and the power of storytelling. She often re-enacted her favorite cartoons with her friends, recorded their voices on a cassette player and created her own sound effects. It was a great way to spend afternoons! In college, she majored in film production, to learn about professional filmmaking, and pursue that art form. While she wouldn't call anything that she made in college "art", she did have the great opportunity of learning how to use visual storytelling to communicate with the audience, how to work with light, and how to edit. Over the years, she has refined her skills as a cinematographer, editor, and photographer to help her clients communicate with their target audience through professional, creative, uniquely branded media (such as videos, gifs, and photos). She joined the team in October of 2018.



Luke is a designer/developer who loves tacos, coffee, a good game of Texas Hold'em, and is a huge Spider-Man fan. Professionally, he began his career in the field of elementary education, and following a very non-circuitous path, ended up in IT and later earned a degree in graphic design and web design. Luke has worked with a variety of national and international clients and is currently the owner of Hewlett Creative, a digital consulting agency in Tucson, AZ. Luke joined the team in mid 2018.

Jessica is a Partner at Fridman Law Group. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School, where she served as an Editor on the Brooklyn Law Review. She was also a member of the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic (BLIP), a full-service, pro bono program providing legal counsel to entrepreneurs involved in creative and non-profit endeavors. She advises on corporate structuring for early-stage startup ventures, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital transactions, trademark and Internet compliance. She has a particular soft spot for socially conscious companies (with sustainable fashion in particular) and women-owned businesses. She joined the team mid 2017.

Jessica Hoffman




Faris Avdic is an aspiring Mechanical Engineer with a secondary emphasis in Applied Mathematics as well as Management, Business, and Economics. He was raised in Redondo Beach, CA. He has been fighting Type 1 Diabetes for over ten years, and continues to persevere every day. He enjoys hiking difficult trails, riding his motorcycle on twisting canyon roads, and exercising his piloting skills at local airports.

Faris is currently managing all opportunities for Adaleta, as well as pitching on her behalf. He manages all financial matters, so if you have a question in regards to this please email He joined the team in early 2018.



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Aaron Ryce Jones is Adaleta's fiancé and partner. He is a car enthusiast with a professional degree in management information systems. He was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. He enjoys a deliciously brewed cup of coffee, but likes a delicious craft beer too.

While his education may be in MIS, his skills are vast. Some days he will be the photographer while on a press trip; other days he's the videographer taking outfit clips during travels. He is also the daily manager of the Shop page. Not to mention a lot of those awesome giveaway packages are being packed with love and sent all the world, by him. A jack of all traits, depending on the day.

He joined the team in early 2017.