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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him & Her

Walking down the street rocking a black Avec les Filles dress, through Paris.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him & Her

November 9, 2019

It's that very special time of year. The one with the gifts, apple pies and mulled wine. While I didn't really celebrate Christmas as a child, I relish in the festivities as an adult. There's something special about decorating and getting into the festive spirit, even though there really is no snow or cold front in Tucson. It's still fun to be a part of the fun. Over the years, I've brought you all kinds of gift guides and recommendations, and more guides are coming but this is the ultimate one. For him. And for her.

As I have new finds, I will add them here so you can continue referencing this post while you do your shopping. Even if you're last minute (like me) this will help you really refine what you're looking for, for the majority of your list. Beauty and fashion galore!

For Him

Whether it's your husband, your dad, your brother, or the new boyfriend in your life, these are all incredible picks that men will absolutely love. If you want to go crazy for someone extra special, you can snag a Traeger since I don't know a man who wouldn't love an awesome grill like this, OR if you want to go a little less extreme perhaps some AirPods? The Pros just came out and what better way to get him in the zone, than to let him listen to NPR and his favorite tunes. Aaron (mr adaatude) even chimed in on this and said he loves Original Retro, which is sold at Dick's Sporting Goods. These shirts are a 50/50 blend (making it breathable and comfortable) and they have a lot of fun college shirts, so for someone here in Tucson I'd snag this UA shirt. He also said that the classic Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses are the perfect gift since it looks good on every face type. Mr adaatude coming in clutch to get you the best!

A few more options are right below:

For Her

We know this section is always the longest, and more thought through because well... let's be honest. We (women) love gifts and we love to have options, especially if the Mr is shopping for us. Welcome husbands, dads and boyfriends/fiancées. You're in the right place to find something EPIC for all the women on your list. You've got a lot of options really. Beauty (makeup or skincare, professional services like microblading or massage) all the way to fashion finds that are stylish or comfy.  

If you're looking for a safe option, every women on the planet knows about MAC Cosmetics. You can easily snag the best online at Nordstrom. The other option is going to the MAC boutique, and having someone help you find some colors by bringing a photo of who you're trying to match with eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc. If you know her foundation shade, BONUS POINTS

When it comes to crafty and artsy lovers, you may want to explore Etsy. There's so many things you can customize (cups, scarves, and even necklaces) so that could be a fun place to browse. I know that cork boards (or letter boards) are having a serious comeback and we love making signs for everything. Another option is getting literally anything from Amazon. This one is a bit tricky since most of us share Amazon accounts so if you make some purchases, you'll want to block them out of the account which could potentially hinder their holiday shopping. You could agree on a scout's honor promise NOT to look through the orders, it worked for us for a few years!

Sis Kiss has been a super popular gift option (with a custom name option). Unfortunately their custom orders take 6-8 weeks now (increased from the previous 4-6 weeks) so if you ordered it today, you still wouldn't get it in time. It could however be an IOU (I owe you) gift in addition to other small options. I just received my ADAATUDE necklace recently, and it is truly beautiful, but it took a long time. I found a few alternate options on Etsy for you that SHOULD arrive in time for Christmas. Here, here, here and here!


My favorite jewelry brands:

Gorjana (out of Laguna Beach)

Conges (I even made my own gold charm with them)

Kirstin Ash (out of Australia; gorgeous everyday pieces with lots of solid gold options)

Sequin Jewelry I also created a custom necklace with them, if you want to add it to your Xmas list! Use code ADAATUDE for 20% off.


Lots of options below (just click through if you see an image that catches your eye!):

Fashion Finds (Nordstrom)

Beauty Finds (Ulta)

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I love the dress you are wearing in this post. It’s so fun and festive. I also really love your gift ideas. It can be so hard to find that perfect gift if you don’t have someone’s wish list.

A great list of gift ideas. I would prefer to not hoard anymore stuff in the house as I need to declutter but what would be nice are a range of beauty treatments like a massage, manicure and pedicure.

There are some good gift ideas here. I am more of techy so the ear buds would be nice. My wife does not normally wear sneakers (never) but has been saying she needs a pair so those might work!