The Uncommon Kitchen

While I’m no interior designer, I am really excited to share a little bit of our kitchen today.

A bright view of the kitchen, featuring two red kitchen chairs and a unique butter crock and a coffee book.
A bird's eye view of the kitchen counter, featuring a unique butter crock, a coffee book and some yellow flowers.

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

When Uncommon Goods reached out to me for a potential collaboration, I was blown away by the amount of amazing things they have on their site.

There’s everything from handmade jewelry to home essentials for the for the kitchen. Now that the holidays are upon us (I like to get my holiday gift shopping out of the way sooner than later!) this is the perfect site to find unique, awesome gifts for every single person in your family. There’s various holiday gifts for women, girlfriends, and even specific gifts for teen girls.

I wanted all the above, but I truly wanted something that would add a bit of home decor and liven up the kitchen a bit. After my boyfriend and I took a good look throughout the site (we spent hours oohing and aahing over all of the amazing things we found) we decided we wanted to solve an annoying problem we have every time we need butter. Rather than it being in the fridge all the time, and then needing to be thawed, we wanted butter storage in the kitchen (room temperature) which would keep the butter protected. When we saw the butter crock, we knew we had to have it. Not only did it solve our long time annoying problem with unthawed butter, but it really classed up the kitchen and now acts as a decorative piece. 

This butter crock was made in Illinois, and it’s made special for Uncommon Goods which makes it even more special to me. I’ve always been the person to want something most people don’t have. While I love trends, I also like to be different, and I don’t need the same thing that a million other people also have. So the exclusivity of this beautiful butter crock was such a sweet deal. Not only is this crock functional, but it is elegant and so so beautiful.

Made by Justin Riehl, he recommends filling the glazed stoneware bell with butter and presenting it on the matching plate. You then use the walnut wood spreader to spread the butter, and it just looks so unique, but fits the stoneware perfectly. Once you’re done with the butter, you simply turn the bell over on the plate to protect it. Since this was made by an artist, I really like that Uncommon Goods explains more about Justin and his background. It was nice learning more about the person who make this beautiful piece that now rests in the kitchen.

Normally when I decide to partner with a brand, there’s a specific reason. When it came to Uncommon Goods, I was truly impressed and amazed by their incredible amount of work with the local communities. As an independently-owned business, they can support all the causes they truly believe in. With every single purchase we make, they’re donating $1 to non-profits of our choosing. Since they started the Better to Give program 12 years ago, they have donated over $1 million to charities around the world. That’s such an incredible number, and truly shows that our purchases are not only bettering our lives but those of others as well. I love good causes!

Make sure to browse through the site, because honestly there’s some really cool stuff. Like this bowl, or these avocado huggers and these salt tequila glasses. Also this. There’s just so many clever solutions to some everyday problems, so it’s really fun going through the options to see what you can solve to make your life better. It’s the little things people!

What’s your favorite item on their site?

A close up of a unique butter crock, which can be purchased from Uncommon Goods online.
A close up of the butter in a unique butter crock when it's uncovered, which can be purchased from Uncommon Goods online.
A right side view of the kitchen featuring a unique butter crock from Uncommon Goods and some yellow flowers.
A close-up right side view of the kitchen featuring a unique butter crock from Uncommon Goods and some yellow flowers.

A close up view of a unique stoneware butter crock from Uncommon Goods and some yellow flowers.

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