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The ‘Unofficial’ Birthday Haul

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Look at me go with this shopping business! This weekend I grabbed Sofia and headed to a few malls and a few too many stores. We literally shopped ’til we dropped!

I grabbed some goodies from Lush, Dillard’s, Forever 21, Bath & Body Works, and Sephora.

Well, I’ve got to start with the Dillard’s because Sofia got me the best birthday present ever!

One of the Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks in the shade ‘Rose’ (Number 13.) Be hesitant when requesting a specific number of YSL lipstick because they have different lipstick lines with the same numbers!

Look at that gorgeous packaging!! **mouth hanging open**

We cruised through Forever 21 pretty quickly because Sofia only wanted to grab a pair of the ‘Go Away’ PJs. On the way to the line, I found this cute, comfy-looking shirt and grabbed it!

Do you guys find those inside tags annoying? I used to cut them all off until I accidentally cut into the shirt so now I’m a bit more hesitant to cut them off right away. 

Look at what popped out of Forever 21 bag!

 I almost forgot we briefly stopped into The Body Shop. Their Aloe Lip Care, as featured by Essie Button, is amazing! Sofia claims she could feel beads and the exfoliation of the product but I’ve been wearing it all day and haven’t had the same reaction. It just really softens the lips and make them look shiny.

My personal favorite stop (and not surprisingly)…


I really don’t think I can say enough good things about this cleanser. It removes even the toughest of makeup and really leaves my face feeling fresh. I needed to restock because I am almost out of my smaller one.

A few of you have asked me about ‘face oils’ and what I think of them. To be 100% honest, I hadn’t put too much thought into them in the past. Upon our shopping adventure, I found this Maracuja Oil and researched the reviews quickly online. The reviews were phenomenal and the promise of nicer, healthier skin got me. I wasn’t sure if I would love this product so I got the travel roller size for $17 instead of the normal size for $47. If this is as moisturizing as it claims to be, I will be loving it.

The packaging is quite divine as well!

Upon earning 100 Beauty Insider points (at Sephora) you gain the ability to pick up a gift of some sort. Sofia had more points than me so she ended up getting 2 of these Jose Maran Oils. 

 I may or may not have stated how much I wanted one of these little guys.

So she very kindly handed me one. Even the cashier noted how great of a girlfriend she was! If handing over a Jose Maran product isn’t enough for you to believe she’s awesome, I don’t really know what is.

And because I’m a Beauty Insider and Sephora knows when my birthday is…the cashier threw in this cute Make Up For Ever set!

 This mascara brush looks incredible as it starts thin and gets chunkier. I think this will really give me a full lash look.

 This red lipstick just screams ‘Ada’

Needless to say, we both left Sephora extremely pleased with our purchases and gifts. Thanks Sephora!

We frantically made our way to Bath & Body Works to grab some candles. We knew the 2 for $22 sale was still going on. Lucky for us, it was also ‘Soap Saturday’ so we each got a free hand soap (with any $10 purchase) so we definitely scored!

I wanted to try a new candle scent. I love peaches so I smelled their signature peach candle and couldn’t leave without it. It is seriously the shiz.

Last weekend, I got the ‘Stress-Relief’ Eucalyptus candle which we have burned almost completely so I had to grab another one.

And I decided on the Caribbean Escape Gentle Foaming Hand Soap.

Last but not least, we found our way into Lush (which I did not know was in the mall before yesterday’s shopping trip…I know, I know how can I have been so naive?)

 As Sofia walked me through the store and relayed all of her knowledge to me, I was flabbergasted and a bit overwhelmed with how much amazing smelling stuff was in there! She handed me ‘Avobath’ which I could not pass up. Every fiber of me loves avocados and this bath bomb smelled so divine.

Now this bath bomb is the most amazing delicious scent I have ever smelled. ‘Twilight’ is described as a “dreamy lavender froth for sweet dreams.” MOST AMAZING SCENT. I’m not kidding! Not to mention the cute pattern of moon and stars.

After Lush, we decided our feet hurt from all the walking and we were extremely hungry so we headed to Blanco to devour chips, salsa, margaritas, and Mexican Shopped salads!

What a perfect end to a wonderful day!

When are you going to buy on your next shopping spree?

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