Things I Learned at New York Fashion Week

This is a photo of me walking across the street in New York City, with yellow cabs in sight.

Things I Learned at New York Fashion Week

September 19, 2017

The Inside Scoop at #NYFW

Just last week, I was walking through the streets of New York. Well, hold up actually I wasn't walking. I didn't walk much. I spent most of my time in New York in cabs. I definitely didn't expect to, but it was the truth. After experiencing my very first New York Fashion Week, I thought I would tell you some of the things I learned. 

All photos were taken by Paige Sovic.

Meeting bloggers in real life can be both the most amazing thing ever, and it could also be so underwhelming you want to follow someone after meeting them face to face. 

Some of the women I met last week were just as incredible and even more incredible in person than they are online. I honestly couldn't put into words how grateful I was to have the opportunity to meet so many and talk in person. I did meet Adriana Lima last week, which was insane. I sent a photo to my boyfriend who was quite jealous 😉 

I think the most memorable person I met last week was Lydia Elise Millen (who you know has been a girl crush of mine for a LONG TIME!) She was so down to earth and friendly in person, which just made me so happy. Someone REAL and authentic online who is just as down to earth, funny and gorgeous in person. We had quite a nice conversation about blogging, YouTube, and all the intricacies of being online!

When I attended the RewardStyle party, I met so many more incredible ladies which was such a dream come true. I've messaged and shared some of my hardest times and some of my biggest wins with these girls and it was incredible to finally meet many of them at the party. 

Of course, I can't forget my ride or dies Tonya Michelle and Nita. These girls are the best, and it's amazing that we've built our friendships online.

However, having said all of this, I have to be honest and tell you there's a lot of fake bloggers out there (read my post about the dirty side of blogging.) I was quite shocked how some of my favorite Instagram feeds were actually quite shallow, disinterested or not very conversational. It was clear they didn't want to chat with me and preferred to be elsewhere, which as the receiver of those vibes, really sucked. 

In this photo I'm standing in my black Nasty Gal romper, holding my pink Skinny Dip bag and looking to the right.

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You spend a lot of time in cabs.

I'd say about 80% of my time in New York was spent inside an Uber or Lyft. We had to go from meeting to meeting, and it was stressful. It was also such a bumpy ride and I was shocked at how terribly a lot of the cab drivers drove through the city. One guy was stuck in traffic and kept taking off in a rush and then we would bounce back in our seat as the car screeched to a halt. It was ridiculous and made me so sick.

The drivers are aggressive, and you don't ever want to get in their way.

I say this semi-jokingly but seriously too. In several instances, the locals told us not to jay walk because a car will hit us and just keep going like they didn't. What the actual %$#@ right?! After my Uber dropped me off for a meeting, it continued on with Tonya and right before she got dropped off at her meeting, the driver ran into a bicyclist. Bike went right, and the bicyclist went left. Luckily the bicyclist was fine, but it could've been really bad. Evidently this is normal and no one really acts surprised when they hear the story. Kind of crazy, right?

Plan wisely.

We definitely overbooked our time and ended up not making a few meetings because we just couldn't make it to the next meeting in time. Don't overbook yourself because you likely won't have enough time to do everything, especially if your meetings go well with various brands and PR companies. 

Heidi Klum doesn't look a day over 30.

...but seriously. How can she look so natural and so good? She was so inspirational and gorgeous, and I just loved her new line. Everything was stunning, and she herself was so full of life on stage. She's a babe.

Pack lightly

You will get various products and clothes through gifting opportunities. Don't overpack on the way to NYFW because you will either have to 1) ship things back or 2) pay over $100 for a checked bag that weighs over 50 pounds. 

Most importantly, be yourself.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not. You will interact with some of these people in the future, and it's better to make the impression you want so be you. There's no reason to lie, pretend or act differently. Easier said than done no doubt about that, but do your best. If you meet Adriana Lima, or Lydia Millen, then you can freak out a little. But try to keep it cool. 

Your favorite bloggers and celebrities have pores.

All that air brushed shit is not real life, so don't feel bad that you have pores. I definitely went through an airbrush phase on my social media. Until I got reposted on Elf Cosmetic's Instagram and about a thousand people commented on how airbrushed my skin was. Thankfully I took it as an opportunity to let my real skin show so now I don't smooth or disillusion my audience with a fake version of me. I hope that when someone meets me in real life, it's what they expected. Pores and everything.

This is a picture of me standing holding my pink studded bag in my black Nasty Gal romper.

What have you learned from New York Fashion Week?

This is a photo of me staring up at the skyline in New York City.

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Great tips! I’m a big fan of packing light and watching where you’re going. LOL The traffic in New York is brutal.

I’m not huge on following fashion trends. My daughter enjoys it though.

I don’t think that I would dare drive in New York.

You look so pretty. Love the outfit. So NYC if you ask me. I’ve never been to fashion week. Hell I’ve never been to a fashion show but something tells me I would love it. Scuse me while I have my Carrie Bradshaw day dream!

I’ve been to NYC many times, and each time I stay clear of taxis. Yes, drivers are crazy and you have to be on alert, but those taxi drivers? Oh. Em. Gee. Terrifying!

I’ve been to NYC multiple times and the drivers are crazy! You definitely have to be on alert, but those taxi drivers? Oh. Em. Gee. Terrifying to ride with!

So cool you got to meet Adriana Lima… also that you met other bloggers in person, even if some of them didn’t live up to your expectations. It’s always cool to get a real life perspective to make informed decisions for later. Also, yeah cab drivers suck. Not just in NYC but around the world.

I haven’t been to a NYFW ever. It is not that I don’t like it but I think I am not that glamorous to even be there. LOL. Anyway, I enjoy reading about it and viewing photos of the event. Glad that you had a great time.

Oh my, that is sad that you experienced thatcfrom other bloggers. But then, you will encounter fake people anywhere. I hope you had fun!

I totally agree, I want people to be able to recognize me from my pictures not think “oh wow she looks nothing like she does in photos” I think keeping it real is really important. Looks like you had a blast!

Love the boots. I haven’t been to NYFW but have always enjoyed reading up about it! Thanks for sharing.

I have found similar with a lot of bloggers, unfortunately. Goodness knows why because it’s not that hard to say hello and exchange a few words with someone, but a lot can be rude and standoffish. Glad you did meet some nice people.

I always bring an empty suitcase when I go to conferences. Not only is the traffic bad in New York but the walkers dont observe stop lights either

I think it would be fun to go to NYFW but also super stressful!! I hate that some of the bloggers there weren’t very conversational, I have seen that happen at conferences too. Boooo to you bad bloggers. LOL!

Sounds like Fashion Week would be an amazing opportunity. I hear you about people putting on appearances and not being real!

Now that would be awesome! I would love to go to NY fashion week. I love visiting New York anyway and this would be a fun thing to check out!

I didn’t go to fashion week, but many of those tips are good ideas for any trip to NYC! I definitely packed light so that I could tote my stuff easily, and yes, those cabs are crazy! :-p lol