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Thinking About Lash Extensions?

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Between conversations with friends and coworkers and reading information online, it’s become clear to me that there are a lot of misconceptions about lash extensions so I thought I’d help straighten you out if you have any interest in getting extensions or just want to know more about it. I am not an expert, but I have been getting extensions regularly for several months now and have some tidbits to share when it comes to the misconceptions and truths. I understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you have no interest in extensions, this may not be the post for you!

lash extensions, thinking about lash extensions?, lash extensions, eyelash extensions, extensions, fluttery eyelashes, beauty, makeup, maintaining fluttery lashes, beauty options

All of your lashes fall out. Your lashes will fall out, but it is not a direct result of lash extensions. Your lashes fall out naturally every few weeks and grow back quickly so you typically can’t even tell any have fallen out. Lash extensions don’t “make lashes fall out faster.” 

It’s painful. This is definitely false because if anything about getting lash extensions is truly painful, then the person doing the work is not doing it right and you should reconsider the technician immediately. It’s a comfortable experience and nothing (in my opinion) is painful. In fact, you should be able to fall asleep and take a nap for at least half the session.

It doesn’t make a difference. This was something I thought also, but then I let the lashes fall out and holy shit I couldn’t book an appointment fast enough. It’s 100% noticeable from you, your colleagues, your significant other, etc. Lashes open up your eyes and really bring attention to them, so when there are no lashes it’s very noticeable. Once you get lash extensions, it’s really hard to go back to no extensions especially if you have fine and unnoticeable lashes like mine! 

It’s unnatural. On the contrary, I would say lash extensions are natural and look natural when done correctly. Unfortunately, not all of us were not blessed with long luscious lashes like our Italian cousins. It’s why we may want a little enhancement. The lashes I get are not butterfly-dramatic-in-your-face; they are natural and look very organic.

It’s not cruelty-free. I’m not sure about the salon you intend to go to, but the salon I go to uses mink lashes and no animal was harmed for the lashes. 

Mascara works just fine. You are crazy if you think mascara can give you what lash extensions can. Yes. I said it. Crazy. I have lashes that go straight down, and mascara doesn’t do shit. Lash extensions are significantly better because they look natural and you don’t need to cake your lashes with crap mascaras, hoping to see a difference.

It’s expensive. This one is true. A full lash set (usually the first time you go) in Tucson averages $150, with fills being $75 every three weeks or $50 every two weeks. Break my bank why don’t you? If you get a full set every month, you’d average $1,800/year. Fills every two weeks at $50/fill would average $1,200/year and fills every three weeks would average close to $1,300/year. Therefore, your best financial bet is every two weeks; it’s cheaper to be more consistent, not to mention they will look the best the more you go. Waiting a month means most of the lash extensions will fall out, with your natural lash cycle, and you will end up having a few lash-less days in week four. I have decided to continue with lash extensions for the time being, but I am giving up other things in my life because I can’t afford to do it all. Budgeting is a big part of deciding to incorporate any beauty procedure into your maintained regular routine. I have decided to do my own nails from now on and use that money towards lash extensions. 

It takes maintenance. So does every other beauty act on earth. Your nails grow out and need to be repainted. Your brows grow and need to be waxed or threader. Your mustache grows in and you’ve got to take care of it. Beauty is maintenance and this is often why we hear women saying “it’s so tough to be a woman” and not to mention expensive as F*#%! You will need to brush your lashes frequently to ensure they maintain their gorgeous shape for as long as possible and you will also need to go back every few weeks to get them filled…that is if you’re hoping to maintain them. It can be a one-time occasion (wedding, birthday, honeymoon, etc.) and then you would only pay the one-time fee for a full set.

It takes a lot of time. The longer you wait in between fills, the longer each appointment will be. My sessions are usually an hour or less and you have to remember, your technician is gluing one lash at a time. It is tedious work, but if it’s done right it’s worth it. Plus it’s relaxing as you literally can’t be staring at anything and most tend to take a nap!


I’ve been getting lash extensions since October of 2015 so it’s been a few consistent months and I don’t plan on stopping just yet. It makes me feel so much more ready in the morning and I do significantly less makeup. I get ready quicker, I feel more confident and I love batting those lashes.

If you’re in Tucson or Phoenix area, you know I’m a big fan of Studio 110 as Vanessa has been cutting my hair for years. Read about them more in this post. A few months ago I asked Vanessa if she knew anyone who did lashes in Tucson and low and behold she said Kellee Denton in her salon does lashes (as well as hair!) I didn’t give it a second thought and booked immediately. I love Kellee’s personality as she’s fun, easy to talk to and works quickly, which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. Trust me, I’ve had a few sketchy lash appointments in the past.

Here’s her contact info:

Studio 110 in Tucson, AZ

Kellee Denton

520. 401.0214

Have you ever gotten lash extensions? If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below, as I’d love to chat more about this!

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Disclaimer: Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive products as PR samples. This post is not sponsored. All opinions and comments are honest and my own. As far as pictures, the second image in this post was sent to me by Kacey Mya who found it on pixabay or pexels, which are creative commons sites that have endless amounts of license-free pictures that can be re-used!

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Very helpful! I could never afford this treatment…and to be honest, I am very super squeamish with eyes so this would be torture for me on a regular basis! haha… Not sure how much it is even that noticeable since there are so many amazing mascaras now!
Karen |

Nice post! Very helpful as I am planning to get some extensions. I was quite hesitant due to those negative feedback but glad to know your points thank you very much!

THANK YOU!!!! This post was so REAL about eyelash extensions, exactly what I needed. I’ve been so back and forth about it and after reading your post I really want to invest in it, after this period of budgeting right now of course.

Thanks for sharing babe!
xo, N

Ugh I need extensions SO BAD. My eyelashes stick straight out and are super short to begin with. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to justify spending the money on it. Great post, though! I want (read: need) lash extensions sooner than later.

Cameron Proffitt

Some seriously great points and fears put to rest. A girlfriend just asked me about lash extension earlier this week and I was not on board at the time. This post is perfect timing! And I am forwarding along to her as well so she can read up! Great post! XO