Tommy Hilfiger Outfit of the Day

This is a photo of me standing inside St. Phillips Plaza in my Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger Outfit of the Day

June 30, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Macy’s #TommyHilfiger #macyslove

Given the hot summer days here, I have been rocking lots of tees and shorts. There’s something unsettling about 110 degree weather (you’re probably thinking why on earth do you live in the desert then!?) During the summer months, I try to stick to dresses and shorts, and I have been living in these shorts while running errands around town. It helps to keep the legs free, and I like that these shorts are not tight and uncomfortable. They give plenty of room, while being fitted and super cute.

Not only are they the comfiest shorts, but I love this fold-over design. Not to mention this cute palm print design is seriously everything. When it comes to palm print, I am here for it. All day.

This is a close up of my Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear outfit.

The second piece of this simple, yet fun and casual outfit is this t-shirt. This tee is so comfy, while also be fitted. It’s not too tight, and doesn’t make the skin hot. Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear is really where it’s at, and I am loving the entire collection.


I’ve been trying to get out of the summer heat this year, but it seems like no matter what, every summer I am basically in Tucson the entire time. It’s so weird because the fall is when I’d like to be here but the travel starts to really pick up!

I’m sure it’s getting toasty wherever you are, so what’s your go-to outfit? I cannot do anything besides tees and shorts!

This is a photo of me standing pulling my hair back in my Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear outfit.

What do you think of this look?

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Those shorts are the cutest! I love the little palm trees. They would be perfect to wear in the blazing heat for Florida (I also choose to live in a crazy hot climate).

I think in the desert it’s pretty much all you can do out there. Especially during the summer where the heat practically mugs you. You look great though.

That is a cute outfit you have put together. Shawn has always been a big fan of Tommy Hilfiger clothes, they are great quality.

Tommy H is one of my favorite brands !! I love their collections !
Your post and pictures are so pretty !
Loving the tee ! andshorts too ahah

What a cool post. I used to wear a on on Tommy Hilfiger hand-me-downs in college and my friends loved them! I like this outfit. Thanks for sharing! 🙂