Top 10 Frequently Asked Skincare Questions

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic is holding various skincare products.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Skincare Questions

September 10, 2020

Since I've really found my passion and expertise lies in the skincare realm, I definitely welcome skincare related questions. I thought this post could serve as a long-term resource for those most frequently asked questions that may direct message me on Instagram. As time goes on, I may add some more or do a part two, since I think this can be really helpful long-term.

What would you recommend to me?

This is the most commonly asked question when it comes to the DMs on Instagram. Without knowing anything about your skin, it is really hard to make recommendations. It would basically be me shooting in the dark, so my top questions back are:

What is your skin typically like? Is it more oily? Is it dry? Do you find it's normal and not too oily or dry most of the year? 

What are some things you're looking to target? (ie. do you have blackheads? are you looking for anti-aging solutions?)


What's a good price to pay for "X" product?

"X" can be any product on the skincare market. Every brand is very different when it comes to ingredients, branding and so forth. There are some amazing brands for very low price points and some insanely expensive brands simply because of brand affinity. Do your research on top of what you see on social media. It's hard to sometimes put a price tag on a product, but you can definitely see average price range by searching Sephora (more high end brands in the US) and searching the product type. For example, if you're looking for a hyaluronic acid, you can type that in and then filter the results to see the price differences for them. You can find great options for very low costs from brands like The Ordinary, or very expensive options from brands like Barbara Sturm.

How can someone use 10+ products morning and night?

Very easily! Once you get into a routine, it becomes easy to do the sequence. I personally don't use as many products in the morning as I do at night, but I love my serums and I'll lather them all on to get that glow.

What's the proper order of skincare use?

In the morning:

Cleanse (or if your skin is feeling dry just splash some water and do a gentle rub with no cleanser)

Toner or peel pads

Essence - optional (I love it)

Eye cream - yes, this goes on before the rest of the mumbo jumbo!

Serums - in particular I recommend vitamin C in the AM because it helps your skin perform and fight environmental toxins. Hyaluronic is fine in the daytime if your skin is feeling a bit drier than normal.

Oil - I love to get a nice oil on the skin but I recommend letting them absorb into the skin a bit.

Moisturizer - essential if you're using hyaluronic serum since you need something super hydrating on the skin. It also acts as a seal for all the goodness you put on your skin.

Sunscreen - don't play with me. Put that SPF on sister.

In the evening:

Cleanse - your first cleanser should be a makeup melting balm because you want to melt the day off your skin, along with that heavy foundation, SPF and so forth. 

Double cleanse - when it comes to the second cleanse you want a cleanser that is more targeted for your skin and will ensure all the makeup is totally off.

Toner or peel pads - if you did peel pads in the AM don't do them again in the evening. Usually peel pad once a day is more than enough. I personally only use peel pads 3-4 times a week but some people love that brightening effect everyday but it gets pricier long-term to keep replenishing those pads.

Essence - optional (I love it)

Eye cream - yes, this goes on before the rest of the mumbo jumbo!

Serums - depending on what you're trying to correct most you go in with those serums first. For example, I'm combating aging and fine lines, wrinkles and all of that mess so retinol first. Next I'd go in with hyaluronic and anything else I see on my shelf that could help. Keep in mind that vitamin C and retinol cancel eachother out so avoid using them both at the same time.

Oil - Sometimes I even lather on two oils. Why not? My oily face is going to bed.

Moisturizer - essential if you're using hyaluronic serum since you need something super hydrating on the skin. It also acts as a seal for all the goodness you put on your skin.

Overnight mask or enzyme treatment - for evenings I want a little extra I top the moisturizer with an overnight sleeping mask or a topical treatment that's meant to stay on until the AM.

What’s the least amount of products I can use?

If you are just diving into skincare, and want to keep it simple, you can pull off a 4 step routine in the AM, 3 steps at night.


Vitamin C



Is there a good affordable brand?

When I think of affordability (under $15 for most products) I think of The Ordinary and Cleen Beauty.

Why do some serums cost $150+ and the same product can be $10 with another brand?

Dilution is the biggest key. Some products may have hyaluronic or vitamin C in them, but the actual amount of that ingredient is the key. Most of the time the dilution of the ingredient along with the other ingredients is very diluted making it less expensive but also substantially less effective. The other element that makes a big difference in ingredients is the sourcing of the ingredients and the condition they are in when sourced. For example, you can have nutrient rich soil that grows specific plants and they are lush and plentiful and then you could have subpar dirt growing plants in the wrong environment, and they won't be the same lush quality. 

Do I really need SPF? I want a tan.

Don’t play me like that. You need to slather on the SPF and then slather it on again if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun.

What are some generally trustworthy brands?

A few brands can do no wrong when it comes to skincare. It all works, and very well. Skinceuticals is the top of the line for me. Kiehl’s is a long time love of mine. Drunk Elephant. DermaDoctor. PCA Skin.

What does Retinol do?

Retinol is using for anti aging purposes. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is highly effective, but it can cause irritation if overused or higher potency used to sensitive skin. It’s also a product not recommended to be used while pregnant. 

Why is everyone talking about hyaluronic this, hyaluronic that?

Every skincare product has its moment, because of marketing. At the moment, a lot of makeup brands are coming out with makeup products mixed with hyaluronic acid, so the makeup is less drying overall.

Adaleta Avdic is holding various skincare products in her hands, as she tests consistencies.

What are some other questions you have? 

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I always apply everything at night, but not in the morning. I need to start apply in the morning too! Thanks for the tips!

I love learning more about skincare! I also use between 10-20 products per day, depending upon the season. Have you tried the DP Duty therapy in your photo? I’ve been wanting to try that for my keratosis pillars, but I’m not sure if it actually works… Thank you!

The order of products it one I always talk to others about. It seems to be a confusing topic.

Xx, Nailil

I also learned recently that the order of applying your skincare makes all the difference…great tips! xoxo, Sarah

I always say the same thing, you need to have SPF your skin regimen! I’ll side eye you if you don’t lol
I love Drunk Elephant, especially their serums.

Obsessed with skincare and love learning about other women’s skincare routines! xo Jaimie

I always struggle with the order I should be using products! Breaking it down was extremely helpful.

You broke this down in a way that’s super helpful! Thanks so much, very informative post! Xx.