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Top Five Instagram Accounts- Edit #1

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Instagram addict. 

And when I say huge, I mean huge to the most intense degree. If there was an Instagram Anoymous, I would need to go to that therapy. I can’t seem to stop checking and going to see the most recent posts from the people I follow. While I do like seeing likes, follows and comments on my content I really enjoy looking at all of the beautiful pretty accounts out there. And there are so freakin’ many! Much of my free time during the day is spent on Instagram.  Addicted I tell ya! I want to start this series where I share my current five favorites every once in a while. It was tough starting this off because I literally love so many. I was able to narrow it down…barely.


Alex from YouTube (icovetthee) has a lovely colorful, clean and white Instagram. She’s such a lovely girl with the cutest British accent. I seriously can’t stop pretending to be British after I watch any of her videos because she’s got the best accent from any of the London-based YouTubers I watch. I love her product recommendations and follow her eagerly. I mean, just look at these pretty pics!


I love this girl (thegalsguide). There’s really not enough words for me to tell you how much I enjoy watching her on YouTube. She reminds me of one of my best college girl friends and every time she is telling a story I just find myself agreeing or shaking my head. As Jaclyn Hill would say “YAASSS girl YASSS!” I stumbled upon her recently and I don’t really remember what got me to her but I am so glad I found her. Did I mention that I adore her? She’s gorgeous, candid, hilarious and so real. If you asked me to describe her in one word, genuine would be my answer. And her makeup is the bomb dot com…duuuh!


This girl seriously deserves 100K followers because her Instagram is so pretty (petalsandprada). She takes great photos and she’s got a lot of high-end products but what I like about her is that she isn’t bragging or showing off. Rather she shows you how to pair these items with outfits and just combines some of the prettiest things to make an overall gorgeous photo. Love the creativity and style!


Julia is so gosh darn gorgeous; she’s pretty in pink but she’s also pretty in every other color too (juliahengel). This may sound like a weird compliment but I love her snaps because she’s got a super calming soothing voice which I’ve even tweeted her. I absolutely love looking through her Instagram and just scrolling through all of her images over and over again. There’s something very peaceful and relaxing about looking through them, liking them and also making a mental note that if I ever get the opportunity I need to take a similar picture. Eat those macaroons girl! 


Meghan Rienks. Number one right now in terms of my Instagram loves because she’s got the perfect, beautiful, white, sleek account I just love looking through. As many of you know, she’s a YouTuber as well. She’s gone with the white theme and it’s lovely especially since her images always seem to have the best pop of color in them.

Welp– that’s it for now! Now I’ll leave you with a quick image of my most recent Instagram feed and let you come my way. Come on over and join the party!

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