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Top Palettes of 2014

| Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek | Urban Decay Naked | Urban Decay Naked 3 |  Lorac Pro Palette | Tarte Rainforest After Dark |

While these five were the top ones in my book, there are three that really hit it off with me.

Urban Decay’s Naked palette is a staple in many women’s collections because it’s a reliable and overall incredible neutral palette. It’s been around for several years; I actually recall one of my good friends a few years ago showing this palette to me and I was not into it at the time. I really should have jumped on the bandwagon then, but I’m a tough sell at times and this was one of those examples where I did not want to buy in to a trend. Now I know this is an amazing neutral palette and this is the one that every girl needs.

I skipped over the Naked 2, but fell in love with the Naked 3 because…it’s PINK duh! Urban Decay eyeshadows are great quality and when they have pink hues in many of the shades, I am totally sold on the palette. I find myself taking this palette with me on most trips because I know I will feel most comfortable with any of these shades. 

Now this next palette became the biggest deal this year, and I had to run to Ulta to grab this guy because when the 2nd one came out everyone was buying the 1st one. Clever marketing Lorac 😉 I would say this is my favorite palette of the year. This is my #1 and if I had to tell you one palette to purchase, it would definitely be this one. It’s got every color you could possibly need for a lovely warm eye look. I am a big fan of warmer shades because I’ve got some color on my face and warmer colors deepen my eyes and are more flattering. These shadows are creamy, long lasting, and very pigmented. Big thumbs up from me!

Which palette was your favorite this year?

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I want the LORAC Pro palette but Sephora doesn’t stock them and we don’t have Ulta in Canada! I’ve used the Naked3 palette but I find the fall out is much too much so I lean towards my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which I adore.

Thanks for the compliment about my blog- so glad you love it! I highly recommend ordering it online but make sure you order from a secure URL. Can’t wait to hear how you like it. xx, Ada