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Travel Guide to Sintra, Portugal | Lisbon Part 2

This is a beautiful shot of the blue ocean below at Prais das Macas, at our air bnb.

When we arrived where we were staying for a week in Sintra, I had actual tears in my eyes. It was just breath-taking. As we walked outside onto the patio, the water was truly this blue. Absolutely breath-taking, no?

This is a beautiful photo of the sun setting in Sintra, at Praia das Macas.

This is a beautiful photo of us walking up the hill on the beach in Sintra.

The first day we arrived, we just walked on the beach (it was quite chilly) and we enjoyed each other’s company before we all decided where we would have dinner and more importantly, where we’d grab some wine. 

We developed a pattern, and in the mornings (before our days would begin) we frequented Restaurante D’a Varzea for cappuccinos. This cafe had some of the best pastries, along with the best cappuccinos we’ve all ever had!

This is a beautiful capture of Sintra.

This is a close-up of a magnificent sandcastle in the town of Cascais.
This is a beautiful shot of the sun setting in Caravelos Beach.

We watched the many stages of the sunset at Praia de Carcavelos also known as Carcavelos Beach. We saw cotton candy skies, and the waves lapping gently. We sat in a cafe right on the beach, that none of us will forget because there was a dog (belonging to a regular customer of the cafe) and the dog was good at getting treats from every single table. He was so cute, I just couldn’t say no!

This is a shot of the rainbox in Caravelos Beach, as it was raining and then stopped as the sun was setting.

Quinta da Regaleira was one of the highlights, and one of the coolest experiences. There was so much greenery, and so many sights. The reason we ended up visiting is because Kelly wanted to see the well in particular. I didn’t realize how cool the well would be but when we explored the first well, we walked underground for a while into the second well. It was kind of creepy, but so sooo cool. Once we climbed back up to the top, we were just in absolute awe looking back at the ground we’d covered underground.

This is a photo of the road to Quinta da Regaleira.

This is a close-up of some of the beautiful flowers at Quinta da Regaleira.

This is a long-distance shot of the Castle of the Moors.
This is a downwards shot of the well at Quinta da Regaleira.

The Palacio da Pena was another incredible experience, and one of the most breath-taking sights I’ve ever seen. The colors of the palace itself were fantastic, and the views of Lisbon and the city below were beyond incredible. I also developed a severe love for all kinds of tile, because of this palace.

This is a shot facing upwards of the Palacio da Pena.

This is a shot of my boyfriend and I, with Lisbon and the city in the background.

This is a close up of the tiles at the Palacio da Pena.

This is a close-up of my outfit at the Palacio da Pena.

This is a beautiful capture from Palacio da Pena, and Lisbon and the city beyond are down below.

This is a photo of the greenery and forest at Palacio da Pena.

Azenhas do Mar was a beautiful little city, right next to Sintra. There’s a restaurant called Azenhas do Mar, and it’s the most popular attraction in the town. It’s right on the ocean, and when the windows are open you sit in a greenhouse part of the restaurant and you can feel the sea on your tongue and the sun on your face. Not to mention, the food is so tasty. It was a three hour long lunch, and we enjoyed every second of it (besides the screaming kids and loud family behind us HA!)

This is a beautiful shot of the houses in Azenhas do Mar.
This is a beautiful capture of the small city of Azenhas do Mar.

This is a close up photo of the cod fish at Azenhas do Mar in Sintra vicinity.

We had the opportunity to visit Adega Regional de Colares, which was the Sintra winery. We did a little tasting, and bought some gifts (for my boyfriend’s mom) and took some wine home to enjoy while playing Monopoly, while listening to the waves outside our room.

This displays Adega Regional de Colares, which is the Sintra winery.

This is a picture of the sunset in Sintra, at Praia das Macas.

This post is a bit late to the game, as I did my vlog a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to share all of these amazing sights. This was the trip of a lifetime, and I would love to go back to Portugal should the opportunity arise. Make sure to tune in to this video, because it’s so fun and will make you add Portugal to your travel list! What do you think? Is Portugal alluring to you?

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that trip looks amazing! I’d love to see this in person, great photos, they really capture the beauty of Portugal!

I’m with you – that tile is gorgeous!! And the sand “village” was beautiful, too. I almost thought it was made of clay and baked.

Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I hope to plan some travel soon and Lisbon looks just surreal. Funny thing – I think I just received the scarf you are wearing from a friend for Christmas!

Wow those pictures are absolutely breath taking, and i imagine they don’t do any justice. It looks like you had a once in a lifetime experience, so beautiful!

The views are incredible, and your photos truly capture how beautiful Portugal is. It makes me want to book a flight and go!

Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful there! We’ve been to Europe a few times, but we’ve never had quite enough time to see all the places we want. This has been on our list for a while now.

Seriously SUPER breath-taking! These photos are incredible, and I’m sure that they dont even do the place justice. What an amazing trip!

I am so glad I found this post. We are headed to Portugal in March and Sintra is on our list. Can’t wait to visit and check out your recommendations!

What beautiful photography. You have me intrigued. I would love to visit and tour the amazing waterfront cities.