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Traveling to Tampa Bay! | Adaleta Avdic

I’ve wanted to visit Tampa for quite some time!


So when the opportunity arose to visit for a tourism conference, I was all about it. The only problem was that Tropical Storm Erika was coming through and it looked to be a bad storm that could turn into a category one hurricane. Now, I live in Arizona so natural disaster isn’t necessarily “a thing” mainly because we don’t have earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes. We get the occasional fire, but for whatever reason in my mind I don’t associate that to a hurricane the size of Katrina. When someone says ‘hurricane’, I’m weary to leave my house let alone fly across the country so needless to say I was a little scared to travel to Tampa with the potential thread of this storm. You can see that when we arrived it was stormy and the sky dark even during the day.


My usual method of combating tiredness after traveling is to eat a burger and fries as soon as I land. We went downstairs to Champions at Marriott Waterside to grub and have a few drinks. Just me and my food 😉



The next morning, the sky looked much more promising and not quite as ominous as it had the previous day. Positive vibes!


The sun even came out!



I was convinced that the pool was a smiley face. See it?




Because the brew tour we initially planned to tour with our clients was completely overbooked, we decided to go on our own and visited the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. This turned out for the better because we weren’t packed in like sardines and got to enjoy a leisurely lunch with some delicious local brews. Yes, I had another burger. I know I was by the ocean but I’m honestly not the biggest fish eater. It’s one of those things where I have to be in the right mindset and mentally prepped myself.




During the week, I had a chance to visit Buddy Brewing Coffee which was highly spoken about and commented on my Instagram. I decided to take your guys’ word for it and made sure to have a taxi drive me a few miles away to taste this delicious-ness. Boy, it sure was good!




Because this was a conference, we spent a lot of time at the Convention Center located just across the street from the Marriott Waterside so an easy walk over.



When I needed to catch up on emails, I scooted back to the room to get down to business. In case you didn’t know, I created a Facebook page which you can find here. I finally gave it and created one!


The last evening was the most fun because we ended up at the Florida Aquarium for a closing party. It wasn’t just a food and drink party, but rather a super cool venue and I made some awesome new friends!




There’s also a short five minute video of the trip as well so make sure to check that out on my channel!

Have you ever been to Tampa? What’s your favorite part of the city?

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