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Tucson Fashion Week #TucsonFW 2016 Recap

Another Tucson Fashion Week in the books. This was the best one yet

This is a photo of my friend Kelly and I (Adaleta) on the first evening of Tucson Fashion Week. I'm wearing a dark blue self-portrait dress and Kelly is wearing a black and white jean with jeans.
Photo by Joe Jackson

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Tucson Fashion Week. As always, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.


Dipped out of work, and headed home to get ready. I was so excited, because I’ve been to Tucson Fashion Week several years in a row and I knew it would be an exciting first night. I didn’t know what other bloggers to expect, but I was definitely excited to meet a few. Plus I’d have Kelly with me, so it was bound to be a good night.

I arrived downtown to the Rialto Theatre, and was greeted by the Tucson Fashion Week team, who walked me and introduced me to the other influencers. The evening’s event was called City Chic a Fashion Show, Art Exhibit and Party.

The show was truly an urban chic runway fashion show, and started off with a local band playing. I actually was taken aback once I saw the models walking, because I just didn’t expect them to start coming down the runway to the rock music. It was unique, and made the experience even more authentic.

We had a little sneak peak into Cesar Padilla’s looks on HBO’s Vinyl. There were runway shows from Harley-Davidson and Esteban Celaya Osuna, alongside presentations from emerging designers Christopher Pape, Anine Jorstad Paulsen (one of my favorites!), Abel Gallegos, Carlos Osuna, and Kimberly Loyd.

Local desigers Kayzrly and Generation Cool were also featured.

This is a photo of a model wearing a white top with white pants, similiar to a jumpsuit but two separate pieces.

This is a photo of a model wearing a white jumpsuit as she walks down the runway.
This photo has a model with beautiful fluffy voluminous hair, wearing a corset like top with a long skirt. It appears to be a dress, and it's beautiful.
This is a model walking away from the cameras in a light blue dress, with some yellow detailing and beautiful heels.
In this photo, the model is walking away in a light brown skirt and an orange top that's reminiscent of autumn.
The model is wearing a short dress that has a drape effect in the back, along with beautiful tan heels.
In this photo, the AP designer is holding hands with the two models wearing her most beautiful pieces.
In this photo, Esteban has his arm raised thanking the audience for their applause. He is holding the hand of the model wearing his favorite piece in the collection.

Photo by Josh Wallace


The main runway show featured the work of iconic designer and creator of fashion brand and cosmetics line Heatherette, Richie Rich (Official). Richie featured archival designs and premiered his new collection. International designer, Shahida Parides returned to Tucson Fashion Week as a featured runway designer. Designers Dorota Zglobicka of Theo Doro , Cry Baby Couture and LA based Monica Hansen Beachwear were all on the runway. Quinlan Michael Wilhite of Qmulative also had a fashion presentation. 

This evening was truly breath-taking, and made me feel like I was at #NYFW. It felt so unique, the lighting was fabulous, and the floor show was amazing. I felt like I could really see the outfits, and the models were so close. I cannot imagine how tough modeling is, given these girls all looked fabulous (I like beer and burgers too much!) but they rocked the runways. Their personalities, and sass, came out as they rocked down the runway so I was utterly blown away by their amazing presentation. Richie Rich is quite the character. After his collection, he came out and spent about five minute just walking down the runway posing for photos for everyone. Quite the character, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. He’s good peeps. 

One of my favorite peoples was a black bathing suit with the pineapple in the middle. I also really loved the red riding hood-like outfits because the colors were beautiful. 

In this photo, the model is rocking a one piece that's black with a pineapple on the front. She commands the runway.

In this photo, the model is rocking a black bikini. The bikini has quite a few cut-outs making the coverage minimal.

This model is strutting down the runway in a beautiful white bikini.

As the models walk back for the closing, this is a close up of the detailing of one of the outfits.

This model looks to be in a red riding hood outfit, but in a light pink dress with a black hood.

This mode is walking down the runway in a purple bejeweled dress with black detailing.

In this photo, the blonde model is walking down the runway in a tan cocktail dress.

This model is a unique short grey dress, that's got a lot of structure.

This model is strutting down the runway in a poofy white dress.

My favorite model is wearing a white and silver polka dot top, along with a poofy frilly white skirt. Her personality shines through as she rocks her way down the runway.

My favorite model is wearing a white and silver polka dot top, along with a poofy skirt. She is rocking it down the runway with a lot of personality.

This model is wearing all black, from the top, to the pants and even the necklace. She's showing a little midriff, and the black crossbody bag is also black.

The model is strutting down the runway in a sheer black dress, while wearing a hat similiar to an English guard hat.

In this photo, the model is wearing a red riding hood outfit, but in a light blue and light pink shade.


Maison De Mode literally translates to the house of fashion. This was an exclusive evening of art, fashion, food and champagne and the entire evening benefitted the Southern Arizona’s Childrens Advocacy Center (SACAC).

This evening was an intimate salon-style fashion show featuring regional designers, retailers, the launch of Shahida Parides’ luxury collection, and designer Henry Picado’s Prêt-à-Porter Fall 2017 collection.

The setting was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn’t get many photos this evening (I did snapchat!) but I simply wanted to enjoy the evening, as a guest, and see the beautiful designs.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught this photo (shown down below) on there. I was just proud to have been able to create a dressy outfit, that was quite comfortable.

In this photo, I'm wearing my outfit for day 3. It's a black and white striped dress, with a black jacket, long Kendra Scott necklace and some suede black heeled boots.

Have you ever been to Tucson Fashion Week? Or any fashion show? What was your favorite look? 

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