Unfairness in the Workplace

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Unfairness in the Workplace

January 10, 2019

Life is Unfair, You Say?

In today's day and age, it's clear that there's a lot of political unrest. I'm not here to give you my take on that but specifically I wanted to shed a light on something that's been bothering me for at least a decade. It's something many of us have told our best friends, and it's why we believe we didn't get the promotion. It's simply the fact that men have it much easier in the workplace. Much easier.




Listen, I am not out to get men. Don't get it twisted. In fact, on the contrary. I love my fiancé, my best friend's fiancé, the fiancé's friends, the list goes on and on. What I don't like is a "boy's club" which is very clearly what I hear about in the workplace all the time. Men who are not qualified for positions, getting promotions and raises, out of sheer magic. I have a very specific story to tell you because it literally annoys the crap out of me every time I hear about it. 

In this instance, I have all the information because I've witnessed it, I've spent time with said man and I hear all the stories from both sides. Regardless of any back story, I know he is unqualified to be in a leadership role. Well, coordinator position turned into a manager role after a lot of irresponsible behavior as the coordinator. You'd think the company was trying to teach everyone that irresponsible behavior was the way to get promoted. Right?

Apparently yes. This man drinks too much with his clients, doesn't wake up on time the next morning for a meeting because of drinking and being out late the night before, and now goes straight to the office from the bar. Is awoken at 8 AM by his boss, who clearly knows he was drinking and came to the office drunk the night before. I mean this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Over and over again. 


I can tell you right now if I showed up to the office at 2 AM, took a 6 hour sleep, and then was awoken by my boss at my desk at 8 AM smelling like the bar, there would not only be genuine concern, but I would be reprimanded. At almost any job. However, because it's a man doing it over and over again, he gets a hall pass. Why? Is it because it's expected of men to act out? Not only that, but after doing this behavior over and over again, a promotion is given to him. I know what you're thinking. Life is unfair, get over it. But this cannot continue to happen while those are more deserving are working their asses off. I do think there's a lot of hard-working men out there, but the example I'm sharing is not that. It's someone being promoted over more qualified candidates simply because of gender. 

This is what is wrong with the corporate world. While this happens often in the US, it happens all over the world.

This is a full body shot of me in an Avec les Filles dress, rocking a Steve Madden fanny pack.

Not every workplace is like this of course. If you're talking beauty and fashion, often times the workplace is predominantly female. However in an environment where women also want to be promoted, have director roles, be in leadership roles and so forth, I feel it's unacceptable to give men an easy way out. I'm not sure if in this day and age, everything is just so casual. How far does it go? What would be the firing point for someone like this? They show up drunk, show up late to significant company meetings, and then get promoted? I don't understand, but the moral of this story is that you girl, should never look down on yourself for not being promoted. 

"The playing field is not fair. Plain and simple."

I can't tell you how many times people have told me life is unfair. No shit Sherlock. We got it. It is not fair, but when you see poor behavior being rewarded again and again, can you let it keep happening? Most people would say just work harder and say nothing to your boss. In my opinion, you should continue to work hard to get that promotion, but you should also vocalize your thoughts. That's how change happens. If you know your boss is treating a man in the department overly well, you need to make it clear you believe this is the case. Sure, this could lead to your boss treating you a little differently but if you can't trust your boss with your work related concerns, why do you even work there? I've always been honest with my bosses and told them my thoughts.

The last thing I'll mention here is that you should not be afraid of your boss. Jobs are a dime a dozen, and if you're unhappy with your current situation, find another job. It's quite simple really. Your livelihood and happiness is more important, and I am confident you can find a job that will be satisfying and rewarding. You shouldn't leave frustrated everyday, nearly in tears. Here's hoping this gives you the confidence to stand up for yourself, trust your boss with your thoughts (whether it's related to special treatment of other employees or not) and also gives you the confidence to look for a new job if the one you have is no longer serving you. Confidence is key.

What are your thoughts on the workplace? 

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I definitely think that there so many workplaces that treat women vastly different from men. The example you give is so over-the-top that it’s absolutely infuriating!

This is so unbelievably accurate! I work with predominantly women (80+) with very few men, and the atmosphere is so uplifting! Granted, I work in social work and 98% of my colleagues are vocal feminists, but the workplace is wonderful to absolutely everyone who works there. That certainly starts from the very top and trickles down; our president is encouraging, respectful & appreciative of every position.

I can agree that in some work places there is definitely a gender bias, but I also think that it has gotten a lot better over the years. I live your outfit by the way, the dress with boots is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Thankfully I work in a law firm where my boss (a man) treats everyone equal. He and I are very close in age and have a similar family situation. We both trust the other in business so I think that makes things much easier. I could see, though, how things could be very different anywhere else.