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Vegas Business Adventures #DMAI14

Upon arrival, we checked into our wonderful rooms at Aria. Quite the view!

This was the nightly view from our room.

Once we settled in, we needed nourishment. We didn’t make it far in the heat. In fact, we made it downstairs past the slot machines to Todd English Pub

Now that’s what I call a burger!

After the food wore off and we relaxed for a few hours, we ended up at Hard Rock Cafe.

I have no idea whatsoever why we are all sort of bending over. It’s not like there was a 4’11 person in this image. I blame J for the bending.

The next day (trade show day #1) they served champagne & chocolate covered strawberries for lunch. I’m not kidding. Who wants a job where champagne is served for lunch (**raises hand)

After working a bit more that day, we had our company party. Therefore, the next couple of images are completely unedited because it’s just more fun that way…

I’m pretty sure the thought going through my head right now was “see me? I can move in heels. Oh yeaaahh!”

After our reception at Haze Nightclub, we went to Zarkana. Aka Cirque du Soleil!

My dress is from Sheinside. Everyone told me it was the #dressofthenight 🙂

The next morning, I went to Sephora. Standard. Damage was not done so #whew

The last night’s business reception was at the Cosmo pool.

How beautiful are these chandelier lights at Cosmo?

Thank you for having us Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.

Vegas, you know I’ll be back!

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