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Walking Along in Washington, D.C.

On my connecting flight to D.C. I went to the bathroom and the bad turbulence started once I was in there. There was a point where I was pretty certain I was going to puke, pass out, or hurt myself in that tiny bathroom with my flailing arms and legs. Needless to say I literally wanted to kiss the ground when we landed. 

After dropped our things off in our rooms, our main mission was to find food. Food of a very naughty kind because both of us had only had a small breakfast and it was dinner time. We walked through a few restaurants, but they were all a little too fancy for our mood and taste at the time. Our minds were thinking of something casual, pubby, and delicious.

We were recommended to go to Kelly’s Irish Pub for a casual experience so we took the advice and posted ourselves inside for a couple of hours. My coworker and I had a chance to catch up and chit-chat while drinking a beer and eating a delicious buffalo chicken sandwich. I have to admit I try to avoid using my phone when I’m amidst coworkers or clients. People don’t think that stuff is respectful you know? After we polished off our plates and glasses, we headed back to the hotel to catch some ZZZs.

The next day after our work engagements, we went for a long walk to see some of the different historic monuments within a reasonable vicinity. 

The one thing I really wanted to see was cherry blossoms and boy OH BOY did I get excited when I walked by several blossoming trees!

I even saw some beautiful, white ones.

Perhaps a sister tree? They were all absolutely breath-taking and it makes sense why everyone takes pictures of these blossoming beauties!~

Crisp and fresh air with perfect weather as we walked along all the national monuments…we really can’t complain!

Here we are at the Capitol! 

The wind started picking up as we tried to get a picture of all of us. We really like taking pictures together…can you tell?

We tried to continue on our way, but I saw these…

It almost felt like everything was blooming in DC! How gorgeous are tulips? I wish I had bouquets on bouquets of these beautiful things!

Truly everything intrigued me on on our walk because of its beauty. You don’t see streets like this on the West Coast.

This walk through D.C. will be continued…

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