Weekend Downtown Tucson Adventures

What better way to celebrate the weekend than to have a girls day with some of your girlfriends!?

Tucson Tram Station

The answer to that is: no other way. Girls day are the best days!

Tucson Sparkroot

Because The Cup was packed and our reservation would take about 35 minutes, we headed to Sparkroot to get some mimosas. I had already eaten the strawberry from my glass before I took this picture (sorry about that) but who can resist a juicy strawberry on the edge of a mimosa? Apparently not me.

Breakfast was not photographed, and it wouldn’t have been pretty. I ate enough potatoes for a large family.

**I apologize in advance for some of the pictures in this post; images were taken from different phones at different angles during a day of mischievous wandering through the streets of downtown Tucson. 

I am such a daredevil, yeah?

After walking a few blocks after breakfast, we ended up at Tap and Bottle for a drink before our scheduled pedis. This place has been around for a year now and I highly recommend checking out their draft list.

What a perfectly poured beer…

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

There’s a table inside that is just so beautifully made. It was so unique I had to take pictures of it once we snagged the entire length of the table to ourselves. 

After our drinks at Tap and Bottle, we walked just a few doors down to Greentoes. This is such a unique and adorable salon in Tucson (and trust me I’ve been to plenty in this city.) The customer service is impeccable and second to none. It’s also located in a house which adds to the adorable factor. 

As soon as we walked in, we were all in smiles and cheerful. We gossiped and enjoyed each other’s company while our toes were having a great time in the wide basins. 

After our pedis, the front desk assistant asked to take our picture for their social media. 

Overall, just a really cute relaxing salon. If you’ve never been, make sure to fill out this form to get 20% off your first visit. They do massages, but make sure to call in to hear about their Monday Massage Specials!

After all the salon fun, we ended up at Cafe Passe (a favorite of mine and one that I have blogged about in the past.) The outdoor patio is just so serene and amazing; seriously, look at that background. I would love for this to be my daily patio so I can sit outside and enjoy the nice breeze. Plus, every view looks better with a beer in it!

Oak Creek Nut Brown

After a little while there, we meandered over (on the tram of course) to the Mercado San Augustin. I have never been there before so I was intrigued by the area. There was a shop, many restaurants, and other businesses in one populated area west of the freeway. It was charming and unfortunately not very busy.

We ended up having a glass of wine and a shared cheese plate at Blu. Then we went to Augustin’s for some appetizers, drinks, and dinner for me. 

I was super intrigued by the table settings and snapped a shot of this little guy.

This is what we look like after a few drinks. Not bad I might add!

Look at this medium rare steak stuffed with guacamole and pico de gallo. I was in sweet, sweet heaven with this burger. Just seeing this again makes my mouth water and want to return as soon as possible.

Then look at these fries…mmmm who doesn’t love fries!? These were seasoned to perfection so not bland, but not over-seasoned either. Straight perfection.

By the end of the day, we were beat. While waiting for the tram to come get us and take us back to Point A, some of us decided to take a seat on the ground.

Which then became a mini photo shot (all photos not included.)

Have you been up to any adventures in downtown Tucson lately? Tell me your favorite spots!

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