What I’m Currently Reading

Not That Kind of Girl, Girl Online, Zoe Sugg, Lena Dunham, new released books, books

If you didn’t know this about me, I love a good book. 

Something about curling up and reading someone else’s story is just so appealing. I know nowadays people have a hard time reading an article, let alone a three hundred page novel. With all of these famous peeps and YouTubers starting to launch their own books, it definitely seems like the reading interest has increased drastically. I for one never lost my love for books. I did, however, lose my time for them. It’s one of those things you give up when you have a full time job, a hobby that’s basically a second job, a relationship, family and friends. It’s the reading that goes. Know what I’m saying? 

Recently though, I’ve been trying to make a comeback and read at least the absolute necessary ones. Those necessary ones happen to be ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ and ‘Girl Online.’ Lena Dunham is the firecracker in the hit show ‘Girls’ and you may remember her as the one who is naked often. I know, I know…I had to go there but it’s true. She’s absolutely hilarious and has had a world of experience, particularly with awkward and odd situations. So far, I am smiling or laughing at the turn of every page and cringing along with her as she tells us her story. Now I’ve had the pleasure of reading about one chapter of Zoe’s new book, but I still consider this a ‘Currently Reading’ because the book is open, the interest is there, and I will read it. I will have a lot of time to read on my upcoming trips so I’ve decided these will be my next two to be read.

Not That Kind of Girl, Girl Online, Zoe Sugg, Lena Dunham, new released books, books

What are you currently reading? Any chance you’ll be picking either of these up?

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