What the %$*@ Do Bloggers Do!?

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What the %$*@ Do Bloggers Do!?

October 8, 2017

Chatting About the Love for Blogging

I honestly cannot tell you how many times people ask me what the hell it is bloggers do. My fiance's mom, my mom, PR firms, my friends, acquaintances, the list goes on and on. In this post, I wanted to get down to the details and give you a breakdown of what it is we do as content creators. I promise I'm not just scrolling through Instagram aimlessly. It is work to be on all social media apps. You may not think it is but it's how we grow our brand and get more eyes to our blogs, YouTube channels and other endeavors.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life." - Confucius


Many bloggers have a lot of meetings throughout the day. This involves awkward Skype sessions, in person meetings if someone lives in a prominent city with lots of agencies and brands' headquarters (like New York City and Los Angeles.) I'd say once you're doing the blogging more seriously, you have at least 25% of your day with calls and Skype sessions. Even more if you are in a city where you have to travel to meetings.


This is one big way bloggers get paid. I went into the details of how to make money blogging way back when, in this post. When we have signed contracts, there are strict deadlines for various campaigns. If a new product is launching, it is important to get drafts submitted earlier so the brand can review before the content has to go live. Getting the photos taken (or video footage taken) is a lot of work. Not to mention editing video clips, editing images and then writing all the coinciding content. 


I used to spend all of my weekends vlogging, shooting videos, and then editing. This is very time-consuming and it can't be interrupted. It's one of those impossible tasks to multi-task with mainly because it requires your eyes and ears. If I'm doing something stupid with my hands or if I say something stupid, I need to edit that out and if you're not paying attention to both, you will end up with some crazy ass clips once your video goes live. 


The more emails, the better. This means opportunities are knocking and you have lots of responses to send. I spend a lot of time responding to emails and communicating back and forth with brands. I do a lot of pitching on my own, but I also have a lot of emails sent to me. I don't typically like to leave brands hanging so I respond to most emails, unless they're something super annoying (random guest posts or a brand that's paying $10 for a post LOL)


I respond to most messages on Instagram. I respond to emails from my audience, emails from friends, messages from family and so forth. Responding to many people takes a lot of time, but this is my favorite part of being online. It's the main reason I started blogging more frequently, I wanted to meet people from all over the world! It's definitely worked.

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Online Communities

I participate in Facebook support groups, where we discuss trends, new advancements, collaboration opportunities and so much more. We help answer each other's questions which is so incredibly helpful. When you have a place like that to turn to online, it makes a big difference. In order to get help, you have to provide it too so I always chime into threads when I have some insight for my bloggers.


Rough life, right? Well when fashion is one of your main niches, you absolutely have to check out the latest trends. You need to know what people are shopping for, what the new style is going to be for the next season and how you can get your hands on it as soon as possible. It also helps to have some fashion sense and try on a few different outfits.

Playing with makeup

The same goes for makeup. My blog started as a beauty blog testing various eyeshadow palettes, foundations, etc. I have to actually try all the products that are sent to me in order to tell you what my honest thoughts are, so I have to give myself time to do that.


I have to find a link to everything I speak about or wear just in case someone wants to purchase the exact item or something similar. This is how many bloggers make a lot of money. Sometimes it takes several hours to find something that is similar to what I wore in a particular photo because it may be sold out.


I spend half my life editing. Editing photos for Instagram, editing my YouTube videos, editing my content in blog posts, editing my hashtags, editing my blog photos, etc. I have a bit of perfectionist about me, without a doubt.


Overall, I'd say the biggest goals I've always had is to inspire those around me. My family, my friends. Nowadays, it seems my audience is much bigger than just those closest to me, but my goal has not changed. It is to inspire you.

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Sharing my thoughts on what it is bloggers do, with a full body shot.

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What questions do you have about bloggers?