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What Was in my 30th Birthday Goodie Bags?

This is a photo of beauty products outside on the patio with the pool in the background.

What Was in my 30th Birthday Goodie Bags?

March 10, 2021

It's no secret that I've been celebrating my 30th for a few weeks now. Four of my girlfriends and I hit up Scottsdale last weekend, got an AirBnB and spent some time in the pool. Don't worry, we did this in the safest way possible (we all got tested before the trip and we didn't do too much outside of our AirBnB.) There were lots of rose vodka shots, bottles of rosé (duh), seltzers and other delicious drinks. Can't forget about all the delicious takeout, since so we were living it up indeed!

This is a photo of Adaleta Avdic handing a bottle of Miraval Rosé.

The Goodie Bag Breakdown


  • Dr Dennis Gross

    When it comes to DDG, anyone who knows anything about me knows I love my peel pads from him, but truthfully he does no wrong when it comes to skincare. All of his products have always done such wonders for me and I see tangible results, which is usually not the case with a lot of skincare products. 

  • Covey

    A new brand coming into the mix which I've been using for about a month now. It's a line made by Emily Donato and is meant to be a simpler routine, only 3 products, to keep things streamlined. Oftentimes skincare gets a bit too complicated (for all of us) and it is nice to have something simpler to use. Formulations are beautiful, effective and really make the skin feel hydrated.

  • Pixi Beauty

    After doing my custom collaboration with them during the holidays, it was really nice to have the brand provide a few of those products for each of the girls. My favorite item is the lip balm because it has a nice tint to it, but it also hydrates the lips.

  • Drunk Elephant

    Anything I say about Drunk Elephant won't be enough because I love everything they come out with, and their trunk collections are insane every time. For our getaway, they provided some items perfect for a pool day (think anti pollution sun drops for a gorgeous glow but also SPF.) Another favorite of mine from them is their water facial which is so hydrating so the girls can really get a great dose of hydration.

  • Glow Oasis 

    A fantastic vegan and clean brand to use on the regular, and I have seen a huge increase in moisture when using the brand on the regular. Coolest thing about them is that it is a probiotic line, and the nutrients will get deep into the skin underneath the epidermis. 

  • Wander Beauty

    Another oldie but goodie when it comes to the amount of brands I love, cherish and use daily. A beautiful mix of makeup and skincare, done well on Wander's part. They launched a new jet set kit which is adorable, and perfect for upcoming travel.

  • Cleen Beauty

    My favorite product of theirs is the papaya serum, and it's such a great price so you cannot go wrong adding it to your cart. They threw in the discovery kit so the girls can try a few of their products, so it's a nice way to introduce them to the brand.

  • Embody

    Retinol gummies are a game changer, and I love that they are a vitamin supplement, but also help the skin. This has been a staple in my day to day routine for 6+ months now. More please!

  • Sweet Chef

    The sister brand of Glow Recipe, which is a great price point but powered by fruits and vegetables. Between the serums, your skin is really covered. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you would have seen that fun vegan charcuterie board we made a few weeks ago. A fun activity, but all fruits and vegetables, which has definitely been piquing my interest in using more plant based products.

  • Glow Recipe 

    This is a great brand I've used over the years. They're well known for their spray mist which smells like watermelon and is just so refreshing and epic. Perfect for a pool day!

  • La Roche-Posay

    When it comes to a high quality SPF, this is the brand. The best product we had over the weekend was an SPF 60, which saved us all from any sunburn. We did spend a lot of time outdoors by the pool, and in the sun (very surprising for me) but I just really loved that there was no sunburn or tenderness. Protecting yourself from the sun's rays is so important, and we had the perfect products for that.

  • Facial Lounge 

    Skincare never ceases to amaze me, and I really loved snagging a few goodies from them, and at the same time sharing with the girls. Not to mention the under eye rollers are fabulous. You throw them into the freezer and use them to combat that puffiness in the morning and get that blood flowing to the skin.

  • Mantra Mask 

    Who doesn't love a good mask? It is perfect for a spa night with the girls. Since we decided to stay in on Saturday, it was perfect to have all the masks, and sip on rosé. That's my kind of night.

  • Aqueous Wellness 

    This was a new addition to the routine, but I have to say I absolutely love a nice spray that acts as a toner, essence and also hydrating mist overall. Not to mention it's a CBD spray so nice and calming too.

  • Nourishe

    Skincare has quickly become one of my favorite brands, and I have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of the brand for my podcast (that interview is coming soon!) They kindly gifted the entire set from Nourishe which is just epic. I love the thickness of the moisturizer, and it blends beautifully into the skin. Pro tip: rub the moisturizer between your hands before applying to the skin.

  • Hanhoo

    We love a blemish patch and Hanhoo has some of the best. This was a lifesaver for me because of course a ginormous pimple popped up on my face, right before this getaway (isn't that always how it goes!?)

  • Masqueology

    I was super excited to try this brand, since I had heard a lot about it over the years. The 24k serum was super intriguing to me, and it is a gorgeous formulation that blends easily into the skin. Also the gold speckles were fun and super unique because I will say I haven't used a lot of products utilizing gold.

This is a flatlay of all the goodies inside the 30th birthday goodie bags.

The Drinks

  • Miraval

    So far I'd have to say this is my favorite rosé of all, and I've tried so many sometimes it's hard to keep track. They sent us a box of wine which was so nice and trust me, it was flowing this weekend.

  • Ashland Hard Seltzer

    Who doesn't love a nice seltzer? I rate these over Whiteclaws and Trulys every day of the week. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST PEOPLE!

  • Biza Cocktails

    These are so delicious and come in so many flavors. Our favorite was definitely the Mango Jalapeño, as it had a nice kick but wasn't super spicy. A little too easy to drink, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  • Bobbi Brown

    An iconic addition to the bags with a highlighter, jelly lip shine and a gorgeous blush. When it comes to an iconic long-term brand I've loved for decades, this is it. Which is why I was so happy to have them be a part of the goodie bags.

  • KISS

    When I first started using press-ons, it was always KISS and Impress (part of the KISS family) and I found them so easily to use. Not to mention, they really did last well. For my birthday goodie bags, they completely spoiled us and threw in nails AND lashesh (Ashley was so excited about the lashes.)

  • Lux Unfiltered 

    If I'm being honest, this is my favorite tan brand overall. Now that they have a full spectrum of products, it's inevitable I would love them the best. The good news too is that it's pregnancy safe, which means anyone and everyone can use the products. They sent over their self tanning cream (no 32) for each of the girls to moisturize their body + get a gorgeous tan at the same time.

  • Luxie Beauty

    When it comes to brushes, it is all about Luxie in my opinion. Not only are they gorgeous (hello pink aesthetic I thrive for) but they are so effective and ergonomically work well in my hand.

  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics 

    A completely new brand to me and I have already been using the lip oil every day. I will report back on the rest of the products because so far I am really impressed with the lip mask, lip scrub and lip oil.

  • Voloom

    The easiest and coolest way to use a waver. When it comes down to it, it's a mix between a flat iron and a curling wand. It is a dummy proof way to make sure you get some waves, but you can get tight curls too. It is the easiest thing I've had the pleasure of using, and I cannot recommend this enough. Dummy proof even for those of us who don't do a lot of hair!

Wellness & Food

  • Bellesa

    I feel like Cardi B giving all my girlfriends a little vibrator toy, because why not? Everyone's got a boo, but sometimes you can amp things up a bit with your significant other. 

  • Moon

    For toothpaste, we received goodies from Moon (my favorite whitening pen for on the go.) It is really important to use something that's a clean formulation but also gives you a little whitening. Wheteher you have sensitive teeth or not, Moon is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

  • HandiGuru

    This is the coolest new innovation, and so helpful day to day. You can fill this little guy with sunscreen or sanitizer and then take it with you on the go. One of those things where I wonder why I didn't come up with this great idea.

  • ST Germaines 

    The masks sent to us from St. Germaines were absolutely gorgeous, and each had a different design so we could all have a little unique pop of color. I may have snuck the one with the most pink for myself, because... well pink.

  • Sprouts 

    My favorite grocery store at the moment, and we got charcuterie board ingredients, along with wine and lots of snacks for the weekend. As soon as we got to Scottsdale, we went to the closest location and stocked up on all the goods.

  • AYO Almond Yogurt 

    This is the perfect snack for everyone, because it is yogurt made of almonds (hello vegans!) It is a non-dairy yogurt crafted using organic almonds with a lightly toasted almond flavor, and it's got so many benefits, including probiotic and of course packs a bit of protein with 20 almonds per cup. We grabbed these in the morning or midday for a quick snack, and didn't feel guilty because it's so good for you.

  • Welly

    The life of the party. When it comes to a brand that is super helpful, this is it. First aid packs (when it's acne, first aid, or an on the go kit) this is the best quality one that will be perfect in a pinch.

  • Hollywood Silk Solution

    Some lovely silk pillowcases came from them, and I have to say I am in love with the color, and the soft silky texture.

This is a fun shadow shot featuring Ada's silhouette, with her swimsuit, sandals, a floatie and Luxie brushes on the grass.


  • Swiminista

    The cutest bathing suit, with a little cheekiness. It's also really cute as a body suit with some shorts, cute hat and sunnies. All set for spring (aka almost summer in the desert!)

  • Sequin Jewelry

    One of my favorite jewelry brands and definitely the longest standing jewelry brand I've loved for years at this point. They're always so kind, and provided us with 5 necklaces with an initial for the first name of each girl. I realized 3 of us were an A, and then we had a K and a T.

  • House Of Want

    In case you couldn't tell, I wanted to include a lot of my favorite brands in these goodie bags because I wanted to share my favorite things with the girls. House of Want is an epic brand and their styles have been growing and getting better and better over the years. I am obsessed with the light pink color. Not to mention they are vegan, and the quality is so good.

  • Sperrys

    When it comes to comfortable shoes, Sperys are definitely it. All day everyday. These sandals are the cutest, and I got them in this natural tan for the girls, while I got a light coral color for myself.

  • Bombas

    Literally the most comfortable socks on earth. These comfies were so perfect for everyone. Between the socks, the comfy tee, and the undies. Feels like butter on the skin and was perfect for our spa night in.

So many incredible items and I have to genuinely thank every brand for wanting to be a part of it. It's way too hard for me to choose a favorite so I'm curious as to what your favorite item is after reading everything up above.

Which item would you need in your goodie bag?

In this photo, Ada is with her friends for her 30th Birthday Weekend.

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First of all: HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! What an awesome celebration you had! I hope this year is just the best for you 🙂 I’m totally envious of these goodie bags. I’ve never seen anything so well-stocked before, but you really pampered everyone with these phenomenal products. I’m sure they were just as excited as you to celebrate the birthday 😉

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