Why I Got Rid of all my Household Cleaning Products

This is a complete photo of my Thrive Market spring order, including lots of household cleaning products.

Why I Got Rid of all my Household Cleaning Products

May 24, 2019

Shopping Thrive Market

My natural journey started VERY recently, and trust me I'm nowhere near being 100% natural when it comes to the products in our home. Do not take this as me specifying that we're totally natural because that likely won't happen for years to come, but I've made a step in the right direction. During my last trip to LA, I had my hair and makeup done. The makeup artist was actually the owner behind Madame Lemy, the natural (and supremely beautiful and effective) natural deodorant that I have fallen in love with since trying. 

She mentioned that I need to watch a movie called Stink on Netflix. Having told me that,  I asked why she was mentioning this and she went to explain that aluminum based deodorant is so incredibly bad for us. She is the reason I made the switch to natural deodorant 2 and a half months ago. I was using a HEAVY aluminum deodorant when I met her and she saw the deodorant peeking out of my makeup bag; she told me about her research, knowledge and how bad aluminum really is. She had lost one of her best friends to breast cancer and it seemed like it traced back to the aluminum in her system. It scared the living daylights out of me. Sure, we all know aluminum is awful for us but I didn't quite understand the extent of how bad it is. It can be life or death *shudders*.

There's various articles linking aluminum to breast cancer, hormonal issues and much more. Aluminum basically suppresses the sweat glands and this is why it's an antiperspirant. It's preventing your body from sweating which means the toxicity is staying inside your body. When you think about that, it becomes clear that aluminum shouldn't used. We need to sweat. The thing we need to control is the smell, but not the amount we sweat because sweat is natural and it's important for the body to let the bad go.

Insert Thrive Market. I'd heard a lot about the brand from several different podcasts and influencers, so I decided to give it a try. I went on there and looked for healthy snacks, some face products and then I went on a serious home shopping rampage. I got all the natural cleaning products, and as soon as this box arrived, I got rid of EVERY household cleaning product that had been living under our sink. The toxicity levels on those well known brands is mind-blowing!

my shopping list

I was not messing around when it came to this order, because I got a huge discount for being a first time customer so I took advantage and filled the cart up with everything that sounded good. This included snacks, multiple of similar cleaning products; not to mention I replaced all the cleaning products. Once this order came in, I cleared out the products under the kitchen sink, ate the snacks and enjoyed a cup of coffee, knowing I did something good not only for myself, but for Aaron and our cats. The elimination of these toxic ingredients in the house is a huge win, and will help benefit us long-term.

Because I'm not certified to tell you the ins and outs of how bad these household cleaning products' ingredients are, I did some research to find a few legitimate sources to give more details. Take a peek below:

The Truth About Cancer

Cleveland Clinic

Organic Consumers

CBS News

Environmental Defense Fund

Women's Voices of the Earth

Everyday Health

There's hundreds more articles, but I decided to keep it to a few. The point is everyday household cleaning products are no good to be used and inhaling. The ingredients are toxic, and it's best to avoid them as much as possible. This is why I decided to find better cleaning products from Thrive Market. I don't need to expose my body to more carcinogens on top of those it's already exposed to every single day, and neither should you. I'd highly recommend doing your research, and understanding why you need to find better products across the board. You must also watch Stink on Netflix to understand more about this entire situation.






What's your take on this? Do you use good cleaning products?