Why I LOVE Supporting Other Bloggers

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Why I LOVE Supporting Other Bloggers

March 26, 2018

Living in a Competitive World

Nowadays many bloggers seem to keep most information to themselves. They are worried their success is only theirs if they do not share their achievements or information about their success. Listen, I get it. We're living in a very competitive world that rides on the idea of who gets to their email faster, who can get their post up faster to sell that shirt, who can get the most likes faster. It's a world where our attention is taken in so many directions we don't want to be behind the curve. We don't want to lose an opportunity. 

While I don't write this to say bloggers don't support one another, I want to give you some perspective that not everyone wants to be open and honest about their findings. If a blogger learns something either positive or negative, sharing with the community would be a great service to us all. However, most feel it is their competitive advantage if they keep it a secret and not tell others about it. Whereas I... I am an open book and I will help most people. I like to share my experiences especially if it'll help someone!

Recently Chriselle Lim launched a new fashion collection. I was all over this. I logged in at 6 AM the day of the launch so I could get my hands on the goodies as soon as humanly possible. 

Just a few weeks before that, my favorite influencer in the space (Victoria from In The Frow) launched an incredibly gorgeous collection with Strathberry. I am not RL friends with her (someday people, sommmeeday!) but I was so proud of her. Unfortunately I was traveling that week and I could not get my hands on a gorgeous handbag. She sold out of them so quickly. Again, super impressive. 

Recently I have been spending more time on Instagram to support my fellow bloggers and congratulate the babes working with amazing brands. Gina (huntforsyles) did this beautiful shoot with Rebecca Minkoff. 

This babe works with so many amazing brands on a consistent basis, and I congratulate her every single time! She is such a hard worker and has incredible content, so there is not a doubt in mind why a brand choose her for their new launches. 

This babe is one of the most inspirational woman I have ever known (and I did meet her in person at NYFW last September!) She was the cover of Blogosphere Magazine recently, has a beautiful project happening with Elizabeth Arden at the moment, and is working on something fun with Cult Beauty which is coming soon. Boss babe, and there's no doubt about it. 

I mentioned Lydia, but her husband is a serious badass. His level of content creation is unlike any other influencers I've seen. He is absolutely killing it with brand collaborations and his creativity. Where he comes up with the ideas I have no idea, but I absolutely love every piece of content. 

There's so many more people I can name, but these are coming to mind as I write this late at night, alongside a delicious glass of Cab Sav from Trader Joe's. 


Recently, I saw a quote on Twitter from an influencer about how no matter how pretty your pictures are, how hard you work or how amazingly you edit your videos, some people won't hit the like button because it's you. That realization was a sad afterthought for me. This is something I have come to terms with for myself because I see that with the people I see on a regular basis. Becoming a blogger has helped me realize who my real friends are. There's the supportive ones who just tell everyone about what I do, and the ones who will never admit I have done a good thing or am doing a good thing. For those individuals, I have slowly dwindled down the relationship because I am so supportive of everyone doing whatever it is they want to do.

I pride myself on being positive and congratulating bloggers on their achievements, along with spreading positivity.

I didn't go online 5 years ago to be an asshole to strangers I didn't know.

I went online to find friends and make others' lives better. This is why I choose to show outfits, share my favorite makeup pieces, spread positive thoughts on the regular and do my best to be silly so someone having a bad day can giggle a little with me. I want to succeed (who doesn't?) and this to me means supporting amazing woman & men in the blogging space. I just love being supportive of everyone because I am genuinely happy for their achievements. 

The moral of the story is that I am not saddened by seeing others grow.

It does not make me hate or despise another influencer because they got an opportunity. In fact, on the contrary, I'm the one buying the collections and sharing on my social to help them sell even more! Life is about happiness, and to me, happiness includes supporting the community. It's not a competitive thing to me. I embrace the amazing opportunities that have been given to my colleagues!  


Be supportive of others.

Whatever professional field you're in, congratulate your friends and family on their achievements. Do not feel threatened or jealous by their accomplishments. Their success does not hinder your success. Repeat that to yourself every day until you understand this is the truth. There is plenty of opportunity for us all to succeed together. The more we rise one another, the better off we will all be as a community.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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I really love this post! I hate how others are so competitive in this space. It’s so fun to see other bloggers I know personally or ones I admire reach milestones. Their achievements drive me to push myself and show me that I can do it too! Thank you for sharing!

xoxo, Hannah

SO SO true, girl. It’s sooo important to support each other. The internet is a big place… we can all be successful. I think it’s sad that so many people seem to think that one person’s success means that they themselves cannot be successful. Success isn’t FINITE. We can all have it at the same time!

If a blogger is working hard, I go out of my way to support them. Also, you look so adorable in that color and outfit!

I love that dress and your bag! It is so sad when people can’t see the big picture…there is enough success for everyone!!

I agree with you so much. I feel like bloggers can be so competitive and mean with each other and it’s just a mess of a life. I can’t be bothered with the competition at times

You wrote a beautiful post! I also support other bloggers. The internet is so vastly huge and there is room for everyone. I am happy for those that get experiences or opportunities, just like I hope they feel that way for me when good things happen. Your post is a great reminder. Kindness wins everytime!

I’m glad you shared about this. I’ve seen some nasty people that just don’t help and I’ve also met amazing people that are connectors and they just share and help when ever you reach out. Loving your outfit and that bag is way too cute!

Well I am not sure why anyone would be saddened by seeing others grow,but I guess you know people that do? It’s nice to see you want to support others! Kudos!

I also support other bloggers. I am happy to see others do well and succeed. Love your outfit, especially those sandals!

I agree. I always support my friends and the people I admire. Even if I can’t buy their products I will share them or like them, engage in a way or another. You touch a sensible subject here and you did it well. And the colors of your outfit are amazing.

I agree in helping other bloggers but not to the extent that you lose your self-image. Before helping others, help yourself first because you cannot give what you do not have.

I agree with you. It’s better to be positive and supportive. Some of the negativity and competition turn into more drama than I want to deal with.

We are definitely on same track with that. I love supporting bloggers too because just like us they also worked hard to be where they are. Our timelines are not the same so I always say to myself maybe this time it’s their and mine will come later and I stayed positive. This is very insightful and let me tell you you look super gorgeous in that dress!

it so so important to support other bloggers, i love it. they inspire me and are my peers. i feel like we all grow from each and its an amazing feeling to be part of such an incredible community you wanna give back.

I agree with you! I love to help bloggers out. I think that’s important. If you only focus on yourself, it comes across as snotty, which I would hope no one would want.

I love supporting other bloggers! This work is hard and we often feel like giving up! It takes a kind word from someone in similar shoes to boost us up!

This is SO TRUE! I have a little blogger support group where we ask each other questions, share what works, and help each other achieve our goals. We occasionally have conference calls to talk through bigger issues or annual goals. There is room for everyone on the Internet, I don’t understand it when people act like it’s a competition; it’s not. We can all have a slice of the pie! It’s funny you mention RL people, when I started my blog in 2010 I found out quickly who my RL friends were. Some laughed, even mocked my blog, while others were supportive. Oh I could go on, haha. Great post!!


Great post!! I do really love to support other bloggers and their success. Supporting each other is so important.

Great post. All bloggers should be supportive of each other and not look at each other as the enemy . I agree. Cute dress by the way. Looks like you are ready for spring

I absolutely adore the blogging community I’ve become a part of. Simply because everyone helps each other on so many various levels.