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Why I Prefer Mineral Over Chemical Sunscreens

This is a flat lay featuring the Wander Beauty Pack Up and Glow Priming Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen.

Why I Prefer Mineral Over Chemical Sunscreens

April 5, 2022


This post is in partnership with and sponsored by Wander Beauty. As always, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

Sunscreen is a passion of mine. If you’ve been around here for a bit, you already know this about me because well, I live in Arizona. That means I have to wear sun protection every day. Or I’ll be burned in just 30 minutes or less, in the brutal heat. Especially in the middle of summer. Not to mention I don’t want to deal with sun spots and other damage the sun will undoubtedly cause, so not only do I slather it on but I also limit my time in the sun. 

Insert Wander Beauty’s newest addition. Pack Up and Glow Priming Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen. This is truly a unique formula (you know I love cutting edge) and I’m excited to dive into the specifics of SPF before giving you the reasons I have enjoyed testing this new formula the last few weeks.

Let’s do a little educational course on the intricacies of sun protection.

Why do I prefer mineral (aka physical) sunscreens over chemical ones?

For me, the answer is simple. Why use chemicals if you can achieve the same (if not better) result with minerals? Chemicals (just like minerals) will absorb into the bloodstream and undoubtedly affect other elements of the body. Without getting too technical and breaking down a medical study, my thought process is that minerals come from the earth and can be absorbed into the bloodstream in a safer manner. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are minerals, and the body can process those as needed. The other element is that zinc oxide is much more effective at reflecting the sun’s rays off the face and mirroring it back into the universe which is why historically it does give a white cast to skin.

What does non-nano zinc oxide mean?

Non nano has its benefits when it comes to sunscreen, and here’s why. The concern with these super-small nanoparticles is that they can find their way into your body by penetrating your skin and getting into your bloodstream. And while a nanoparticle will enter your bloodstream, a non-nano particle won’t. For that reason, non-nano is considered safer and the higher quality when it comes to sunscreen. 

You know we love a good ole ingredient breakdown around here because the more you know about the ingredients in your products, the more empowered you become and the more knowledge you have about things that are better (or worse in some cases) for your health. In Wander’s newest addition, they did focus on non-nano zinc oxide which is a more expensive trickier formula to create.


Non-Nano Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide 

Referred to as physical sunscreen filters, both provide a protective outer barrier to block against UVA/UVB rays and work with sensitive skin 

Vitamin D 

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich to help protect skin 

Antioxidant Complex 

Clinically shown to boost antioxidant activity by up to 200% 

Plant-Derived Squalane & Hyaluronic Acid 

Helps hydrate and maintain skin’s moisture barrier 

Plankton Extract 

Helps even the appearance of skin tone

Bisabolol + Allantoin 

Soothes irritated and sensitive skin

What’s the finish like on Wander Beauty’s SPF? 

This beautiful formulation that is super hydrating and blends beautifully into the skin is only $36! It’s hydrating, and truly feels soothing to the skin. With the addition of Bisabolol and Allantoin, it helps even the most sensitive skin feel comfortable. I am also a big fan of squalane and hyaluronic acid, because I do find them to be a great hydrating combo. Because they labeled this as a priming SPF, it really does have a great texture perfect for adhering your foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, etc right on top and giving you a gorgeous flawless finish. It dries quickly, but it is not drying and leaves a nice dewy glow to the skin.

Does it leave a white cast?

Not at all. It’s got a beautiful tint to it, but it doesn’t give the skin any color. It’s just made so brilliantly that it’s not going to give you any sort of flashback or white cast, which is such a blessing when dealing with zinc oxide. 

Before now, mineral sunscreens required high levels of zinc oxide to achieve high SPF protection. If you’ll recall I’ve mentioned 10%+ when it comes to zinc oxide because the higher the percentage, the higher the protection. However the higher percentages are difficult to spread and blend into the skin (due to the thicker consistencies) and then the white of the zinc oxide tends to give an aggressive white cast or “flashback” as some refer to it. With the proprietary technology Wander Beauty created, this formula blends beautifully into the skin and protects it against UVA/UVB, environmental aggressors, and blue light while also giving the skin a healthy luminous glow (which you can tell from my photo.) It also prevents photoaging and hydration loss which are incredible together, given many sunscreens do dry out the skin. Finally it acts as a primer and a perfect base for skin. 

Is it cruelty-free?

Wander does a great job with being free of the toxins. It is vegan, nut free, gluten free and cruelty-free. It’s also formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance.

Why this sunscreen over the hundreds of other mineral options?

We love an efficacious and hydrating sunscreen, especially when it’s mineral and doesn’t have a white cast. The combination of all of these elements is very unique to this formula, and the priming effect gives it so many uses in one formula making it a top choice. I love multi-use products and this one has several benefits saving you time and money in the long run. 5/5

Shop the new sunscreen

The code ADA15 will give you 15% off the Wander Beauty website for the entire month of April. You can thank me later.

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Adaleta, I love the way you dig deep into all the ingredients. I don’t know how I came across you but I’m very glad I did. Sunscreen is my mainstay even though I’m in Canada and we don’t have your temperatures we get a lot of sun in Alberta so it a sunscreen day every day. I looked for this at Sephora here and they don’t carry it. I’ll be State side in June, I’ve added it to my list to pick up because a multi use product is a winner for me. I love your posts!

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