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Why It’s Important to Apply Vitamin C in the AM

This is a close up of lemons, alongside the vitamin C serums.

Why It’s Important to Apply Vitamin C in the AM

March 16, 2021

In the last few years, it has been so overwhelmingly positive to see so many consumers realizing they need a vitamin C in their day to day skincare routine. It is one of the most valuable products to use on the daily. In my opinion, more important than a moisturizer which the majority believe is the most important step of the routine. While yes, you do want your skin to be hydrated (dryness perpetuates fine lines and wrinkles) you also need to understand that Vitamin C makes a huge difference.

When you think of vitamin C, you're probably imagining cutting into some fresh lemons and oranges. For your body, you imagine taking emergen-C when you feel a little cold coming. In the world of skincare, vitamin C is really a proactive step. Rather than waiting for any sickness or ailment, we use a vitamin C to give our skin the best chance it has each day.

Vitamin C serum protects your skin from free radicals, and most dermatologists have recommended applying it in the morning to prevent damage during the day," according to Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. 

This is something I've been educating my audience on for over a year now. More importantly, vitamin C is very crucial in the AM because it helps your skin fight free radicals, environmental toxins (think pollution, smog, etc especially if you live in NYC or LA.) When you apply the vitamin C, it's giving your skin the nutrients it needs to be able to fight all those variables you're going to experience throughout the day. Just as you apply sunscreen to combat UVA and UVB rays in the hopes they don't damage or absorb into you skin, you're also going to do the same with vitamin C so it combats the other toxins - most of which you cannot even see or feel.


Highly Rated Vitamin C Serums

You didn't think I'd leave you hanging without sharing my favorite vitamin C serums, did you?

A ride or die, and to me, the top vitamin C on the market comes from Skinceuticals. Specifically their C E Ferulic. Using his product transforms the skin and I know it's not only protecting my skin, but it is also making a huge difference to the outward appearance too. Skin is bright, hydrated and doesn't look dull and lackluster. This is truly a game changer. At $166 a bottle, it is pricey which is why I understand when people need alternate options.

Don't worry, I got you. DermaDoctor was a new addition into my skincare world last year (I mean I had nothing but time in 2020 right?) so I tested out their Vitamin C Serum which is 20% and currently the highest potency of Vitamin C on the market. At $95 a bottle, you're getting a similar quality to the Skinceuticals bottle, for a substantially lower price. It is good, and definitely worth the splurge. 

A staple in my collection for years has been Drunk Elephant's Vitamin C because it is good. It's actually the first Vitamin C option I fell in love with, saw change, did research and continued to find more formulations that were as effective. At $80 a bottle, it is definitely a great bang for your buck and will give your skin the boost it needs for the day time. 

I have found other options like the DDG Vitamin C, and if you know anything about me Dr Dennis Gross is always a good idea. For the most part, the three above are really where I like to focus because I've seen true change in my skin that I can't deny. I will include a few other options (like the Cleen Beauty one) but the potency and the efficacy of other options does go down depending on the dilution of the product so don't be fooled by the price points. The lower the price on a Vitamin C Serum, typically the lower the potency and efficacy. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to this. 

What's your favorite vitamin C?

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I have yet to add vitamin c to my skincare routine, primarily because I can’t seem to say “okay” to those price tags! But I know it’s important for my skin, so I’ll have to look into the ones you suggested and do my own research to find the ideal product for me! 🙂

Oh I had no idea! I use it every day but definitely apply it at night fairly enough!! Going to need to switch to all AM!


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