Why Sun Drops Will be the Next Big Thing in Skincare

This is a flat lay of some great bronze products alongside sun drops from Barbara Sturm.

Why Sun Drops Will be the Next Big Thing in Skincare

May 18, 2020

Trends in skincare happen often, and while I haven't seen this one yet... I've done a lot of research behind Barbara Sturm's sun drops, and it's just so much better for your skin. I'm giving you the heads up on the info, as well as the brands coming forward. I've been discussing sun drops for several weeks. Who's seen this video on TikTok? When it comes to skincare tips, this is one of my top ones because sun drops are much much better for the skin in comparison to thick sunscreen creams.

I've said it on TikTok, and now I'm saying it here on the blog. Sun drops are the next big thing in skincare. Barbara Sturm has had her drops on the market for quite some time, and recently First Aid Beauty dove into the thread too. In case you guys don't know a lot of brands plan their products and launches months (sometimes years) in advance so knowing that a few brands already have their drops out, you can surely expect more brands to jump on this bandwagon. Why?

What's the difference between regular sunscreen and drops?

Sun drops have a thinner consistency. This means that the formulation won't clog your pores. Specifically for the Barbara Sturm Sun Drops, the molecular breakdown is made in a way that as soon as the drops hit your skin, they are going to be quickly absorbed into your epidermis. The formulation is perfect for penetrating deeper into the skin to actually help your skin fight off the UVA and UVB rays. When it comes to creams, they are usually too thick for the skin which can cause other skin issues. Anytime I've used a thicker face sunscreen, I've found that my skin was super oily just a few hours later, or a small breakout starts to happen. It's a lot nicer to put a thinner product on the skin underneath makeup, rather than a thick cream.

The Perfect Combo for Sun Drops

Since you know I avoid the sun unless absolutely necessary, I love to have that healthy glow without the sun damage. Cue the bronze. A fake tan is nice and all, but for that instant glow I'm looking for an ultra bronzey base, or bronze drops. I love the Anti Pollution Drops from Drunk Elephant, but the Bronze Glow Drops from Rodial are insanely good (especially when applied with a heavier moisturizer.) I also linked a few other excellent bases that will make your skin glowy, bronzey, or both!

What questions do you have about sun drops?