Why You Should Treat Yourself

This is a full body shot of me standing in the street in New York City.

Why You Should Treat Yourself

April 16, 2018

I love a good ole glass of wine. Most of us enjoy a little cocktail after a long day at work. Long week? Celebrating a total win or some long-time success? Maybe add a little something into your Revolve shopping cart? ...but why need a reason? Why can't you just enjoy a glass of wine with dinner? Why not buy that Gucci belt you've been eyeing for so long?

Today, I want to explain my reasoning for why you should treat yourself how ever often you'd like to. Whether it's that glass of wine, or if it's adding something into your shopping cart. There's no reason to hold back.

Life is too short not to have that chocolate.

It's also too short not to snag a slice of pizza or just enjoy 2 craft beers with their 600 calorie total #sorrynotsorry When I look back on my life, I don't want to remember all the stupid diets I've been on, but rather the amazing memories I made hanging out with my friends while sipping on a beer or a glass of wine. It's so important to live, and just go with the flow. This is obviously something I do within reason. Drinking 5 craft beers a day is not good for you, nor is it going to have a beneficial impact on your health.

Celebrate every day.

You don't need a specific reason to celebrate. But if you need one? You woke up today, you are able to read this blog post (meaning you're significantly more fortunate than at least half the world). You clearly have many things to be grateful for and therefore, you can presume you have something to celebrate. My point is you don't need something to celebrate. Celebrate life. Your health. There's so much to be thankful for each and every single day, and while we feel a promotion is something to celebrate, waking up healthy and able to live life is something we need to celebrate every single day. It's a privilege and every day is certainly not guaranteed.

Why wait for big moments?

In my opinion, you don't need to wait for a big moment to celebrate and enjoy something you love. I am a firm believer of celebrating success (do not get me wrong) but why do you have to wait for a huge success to go out to dinner, or crack open the champagne? Putting so much anticipation on one event almost blurs (and to some degree nulls) the events that it takes to get to that moment. Enjoy the ride it took to get to that promotion. Treat yourself along the way.

This is a detail shot of me holding my Sam Edelman backpack in the middle of the street in New York City.

It's the little things.

Not every celebration requires a party and a big gift to yourself. Sometimes my celebration is getting a coffee, because I make my coffee most days. Mini celebration is that I'm going to get my cappuccino, over my delicious pour over cup of coffee. Maybe I'll get into work earlier one day so I can leave earlier and watch my favorite show before making dinner? Honestly, it can be the smallest things but it's still your own celebration. It doesn't have to require a big price tag... that's just my way of celebrating sometimes.

Make yourself happy. 

This is the most important thing when it comes to this life. We need to be happy. Whether that means going for a long walk to clear your head every once in a while, running yourself a nice bath, buying yourself some flowers.. whatever it may be that makes you happy you have to make sure to incorporate more of it in your life. If that's more quality time with family and friends, definitely do it. If it's a glass of wine more often, do it. Just make sure to keep everything under control. You don't want to be finishing bottles of wine every day or eating copious amounts of chocolate. I just think we should all treat ourselves, and not feel so guilty about it. 

This is a half body shot of me holding my long pink trench coat in New York City.

What's your favorite way to treat yourself?