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Ep. 103 | Let’s Chat About Becoming More Confident in Ourselves with Betty Gulko

In today’s episode, I sit down with Betty Gulko to chat all about confidence.

Inside This Episode: 

  • How Betty’s past shaped her into who she is today
  • Where Betty’s inner confidence stems from
  • A typical day in the life for Betty
  • Betty’s favorite (and least favorite) part of every day
  • and so much more

Links Mentioned: 

Betty’s Instagram

Betty’s Website

About Betty Gulko: 

Betty Gulko was born in Memphis, TN. She’s a proud Jewish woman who had a tremendously challenging upbringing. She was in and out of foster care, experienced abuse, and then adopted legally at a later age. She spent 2 years abroad in college in Israel, which is where she met her husband.

She ended up finishing her Masters degree and then working in the special education and therapy field with children on the Autism spectrum.

After that, she started her own company as an editorial Fashion Stylist, as well as a blog suchabetty.com. In that time period, she pivoted a few times with different focuses in fashion and other creative endeavors.

She currently lives in Long Island with her daughter, husband, and one dog. She focuses on mindset and confidence consulting with other business owners and she is such an inspiring speaker.

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