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Ep. 108 | Let’s Chat About Confidence, Female Empowerment, and Clubhouse with Lauren Glick

In today’s episode, I sit down with Lauren Glick to chat about confidence, female empowerment, and Clubhouse.

Inside This Episode: 

  • Why Lauren made the pivot from firefighter to Confidence Coach
  • Why Lauren chose Instagram + Clubhouse as her main platforms
  • How Lauren juggles her coaching business, real estate business, and more
  • Lauren’s best advice for someone looking to go into real estate
  • A typical day in the life for Lauren
  • Lauren’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day
  • And so much more

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About Lauren Glick:

Lauren is a retired firefighter after 10 years of service in a city that was rated number 1 homicide per capita in the United States when she worked.  She now loves to help women to do hard things! To show up and speak up on social media with their superpowers that they have!
Lauren fell in love with audio social media when she saw her business sky rocket from diving into clubhouse! If you have an online business but just are not growing your community to make those new sales.  Girl audio platforms are your new tool to grow your instagram and Lauren is the girl for the job!

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