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Ep. 110 | Let’s Chat About Creating a Supplement Company with Craig Dinkel

In this episode, I chat with Craig Dinkel of Biotropic Labs.

Inside This Episode: 

  • How Craig got started with swimming and becoming an elite athlete
  • How Craig segued into the world of supplements
  • What a typical day in the life is like for Craig
  • and so much more

Links Mentioned: 

Biotropic Labs Website

Biotropic Labs Instagram 

About Craig Dinkel: 

As a sprint freestyle and fly swimmer, I trained and competed for years on a world-class level. I was coached by two different Olympic coaches as well as the second winningest swim coach in NCAA history in all divisions. Some of my accomplishments are:

Twice qualified for Olympic Trials
Earned 23 All-Americans
Set 4 NCAA records
Won 3 NCAA Team Titles
Competed in several International competitions
Won 3 gold medals at Jr. Olympics
Was the fastest inductee into my collegiate Hall of Fame
One of my records held for 20 years, the same record that qualified me as the 2nd fastest sprint freestyler in the world at one time
Multiple teammates were Olympian and Olympian medalists

Other Recognition
Among the greatest compliments I have ever received was from the legendary Olympic and USC head swimming coach, Peter Daland (he was also my club coach.) Once after one of my early and phenomenal swims, he sought me out and said to me, “You could be one of the best.” Coach Daland was not known to pass out compliments, except to those who earned them. Hearing this from one of the greats is something that you will never forget.

Sports Performance Supplements
I was an early adopter in the sports performance supplements scene having experimented with off the shelf forms of them from my earliest days. I always believed that if you could get a legal competitive edge, why wouldn’t you? After using off the shelf products for a long time and seeing no benefits from them, and trying to make an Olympic team, I partnered with a Dr (DC) and began experimenting with raw ingredients. After a lot of trial and error, we stumbled upon a collection or stack of ingredients that affected my chemistry in a profound way. My training was lifted substantially and I was swimming world record pacing in training. A new and profound experience for me.

BioTropicLabs.com became a reality when I saw the need for someone with a higher level of sports performance background to enter the space with products that work; and while controversial, are legal by WADA standards. To my knowledge, there are no known athletes at the Olympic level that have created custom sports performance enhancing supplements. There is a lot of junk, bad or false information and claims in this space. Since my background had me testing out natural supplements from my earliest competitive days to my last, I know I brought real history and genuine integrity to this arena and believe I could offer a lot of assistance to athletes at all levels, especially the elite athletes.

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